Crosshair VIII Extreme: a waterblock arrives at EKWB!

This morning, we learned that the Slovenian brand EKWB announced a new waterblock. This one is for an Asus card and not just any card since it is for the Crosshair VIII Extreme.

Crosshair VIII Extreme: an EKWB block for the Asus motherboard!

Asus Crosshair VIII Extreme waterblock EKWBWith this new block, the brand EKWB offers, as usual, a model with a nickel-plated electrolytic copper base. The upper part will be made of acrylic in order to take advantage of the aRGB lighting of the block. In addition, we note the presence of an I/O cover that replaces the original one on the motherboard.

Otherwise, we find a block that will cool both the CPU and the power supply stages of the motherboard. However, EKWB does not forget to cool the LAN chip of the board. The block integrates a small heatsink for the latter at the I/O cache. Otherwise, on the top, there are two G1/4″ ports as input and output.

Of course, RGB lighting means a small cable for its management. In this regard, do not forget to connect the three-pin cable directly to your card.

Finally, we end with the price which will not be given. Indeed, it will cost 249.99 € for this model.

Here is the EKWB datasheet!

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