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Nejlepší zdarma VPN pro Kodi

  Kodi is an extremely amazing open source streaming app for home entertainment. It helps to stream the content on the different platform. The home entertainment media software can literally turn any digital devices like smartphone, computer or a tablet to a streaming setup box and

How to use BlueScreenView on Windows 10

  Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) also known as Stop Error is displayed on the Windows system after a system crash when your operating system reaches a threshold where it can no longer function safely. The stop error gets its name as the blue screen error

Zřetězení audio souborů ve Windows FFmpeg

  Tato příručka ukazuje, jak automatizovat zřetězení dvou nebo více zvukových souborů na stejném formátu pomocí ffmpeg při zachování metadat ve sloučeném souboru. Testovaná příklad dávkového souboru jsou poskytovány pomoci ilustrovat. This guide is related to a previous post for

New Technique Recycles Exploit Chain to Keep Antivirus Silent

In a new malware campaign, cybercriminals modified a known exploit chain to push Agent Tesla info stealer without triggering detection from common antivirus products. Cybercriminals set up an infrastructure to deliver multiple malware families via two public exploits for Microsoft Word vulnerabilities CVE-2017-0199 and CVE-2017-11882. Built

How to Set up RabbitMQ Cluster on CentOS 7

  RabbitMQ is an open source message-broker software that originally implements the AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) protocol, and while it has been developed and extended in order to support other protocols such as STOMP (Streaming Text Oriented Messaging Protocol) and MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport).

How to Install Zen Cart on Debian 9

  Zen Cart is a free open source e-commerce content management and shopping cart platform. The software is written in PHP programming language and often installed on Linux under Apache/Nginx web servers, PHP and MySQL/MariaDB database management system, také známý jako lampa nebo Lemp stohu. Zen