Odkazy na stažení & Torrents for Linux Mint 18.1 LTS Serena All Editions

This list shows download links for all four editions of Linux Mint 18.1 "Serena" operační systém GNU / Linux. Linux Mint Serena is a LTS version that will be supported until 2021. This list provides regular and torrent ISO download links, including official announcements, Poznámky k vydání, mirrors, and documentation links for 4 editions of Serena (Cinnamon, MATE, XFCE, and KDE). I hope this short list will be helpful for you all. Užívat si!

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About This Article

For any beginner reading this article, this is a list of links to download the ISO of Linux Mint operating system newest release, 18.1 Serena. To use Linux Mint operating system, download any of 4 editions below and burn the ISO to a USB drive, pak install it to your computer. You can download all ISO files at no cost. Torrent links are highly recommended because by downloading using torrent, you decrease the giant load at Linux Mint developer's server thus helping the whole community. If you want to help Linux Mint development more, můžeš donate money to Linux Mint.

Odkazy na stažení

skořice Edition 64 bit http://mirrors.evowise.com/linuxmint/stable/18.1/linuxmint-18.1-cinnamon-64bit.iso
skořice Edition 32 bit http://mirrors.evowise.com/linuxmint/stable/18.1/linuxmint-18.1-cinnamon-32bit.iso
MATE Edition 64 bit http://mirrors.evowise.com/linuxmint/stable/18.1/linuxmint-18.1-mate-64bit.iso
MATE Edition 32 bit http://mirrors.evowise.com/linuxmint/stable/18.1/linuxmint-18.1-mate-32bit.iso
XFCE Edition 64 bit http://mirrors.evowise.com/linuxmint/stable/18.1/linuxmint-18.1-xfce-64bit.iso
XFCE Edition 32 bit http://mirrors.evowise.com/linuxmint/stable/18.1/linuxmint-18.1-xfce-32bit.iso
KDE Edition 32 bit http://mirrors.evowise.com/linuxmint/stable/18.1/linuxmint-18.1-kde-32bit.iso
KDE Edition 64 bit http://mirrors.evowise.com/linuxmint/stable/18.1/linuxmint-18.1-kde-64bit.iso

Torrent Links

skořice Edition 32 bit https://torrents.linuxmint.com/torrents/linuxmint-18.1-cinnamon-32bit.iso.torrent
skořice Edition 64 bit https://torrents.linuxmint.com/torrents/linuxmint-18.1-cinnamon-64bit.iso.torrent
MATE Edition 32 bit https://torrents.linuxmint.com/torrents/linuxmint-18.1-mate-32bit.iso.torrent
MATE Edition 64 bit https://torrents.linuxmint.com/torrents/linuxmint-18.1-mate-64bit.iso.torrent
XFCE Edition 64 bit https://torrents.linuxmint.com/torrents/linuxmint-18.1-xfce-64bit.iso.torrent
XFCE Edition 32 bit https://torrents.linuxmint.com/torrents/linuxmint-18.1-xfce-32bit.iso.torrent
KDE Edition 64 bit https://torrents.linuxmint.com/torrents/linuxmint-18.1-kde-64bit.iso.torrent
KDE Edition 32 bit https://torrents.linuxmint.com/torrents/linuxmint-18.1-kde-32bit.iso.torrent

Release Notes Links

Serena Cinnamon http://linuxmint.com/rel_serena_cinnamon.php
Serena MATE http://linuxmint.com/rel_serena_mate.php
Serena XFCE http://linuxmint.com/rel_serena_xfce.php
Serena KDE http://linuxmint.com/rel_serena_kde.php

Mirror Links

All worldwide mirrors https://linuxmint.com/mirrors.php

Guide Book Links

All documentations in PDF and ODT https://linuxmint.com/documentation.php

Announcement Links

Announcement for Serena KDE Edition http://blog.linuxmint.com/?p=3223
Announcement for Serena XFCE http://blog.linuxmint.com/?p=3222
Announcement for Serena MATE http://blog.linuxmint.com/?p=3182
Announcement for Serena Cinnamon http://blog.linuxmint.com/?p=3181



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