'Persona 5' lodě 550K kopíruje za dva týdny, přidává plavky a 'Catherine' DLC

Persona 5 continues to steal the hearts of fans in Japan. Via its Persona Channel blog, Atlus announced the game has shipped a total of 550,000 copies, including both physical and digital versions. The game debuted Sept. 15 to strong reviews.

Persona 5’s debut sales have made it the fastest-selling game in the series, exceeding the numbers sold with Persona 3 a Persona 4’s debuts combined. Siliconera also suggests many Persona 5 buyers bought the new PS4 Slim, helping to boost Japan’s PS4 console sales up to 96,433 for the week.

Na oslavu Persona 5’s early success, Atlus will release two new costume sets in Japan Oct. 5, Gematsu reports. The first of these is the Swimsuit bundle, which allows the Phantom Thieves to wear their beach attire even during dungeon crawls. (Unfortunately, none of these ensembles repeats Akihiko’s dashing “speedo with modest t-shirt” combo from P3.)

p5 swim Beach attire for the cast of ‘Persona 5.’

Fans of Atlus’s cult-hit romantic drama / puzzler Kateřina will be delighted by the second DLC pack, the “Kateřina Costume & BGM Special Set.” It includes the “Adults Who’ve Lost Their Way Costumes” and “Kateřina ‘Nightmare’ BGM & Battle Single,” along with an exclusive Lambs’ Pillow equippable accessory item. It will be available free of charge from Oct. 5 – 10, and cost 800 yen after that period.

p5 cath The ‘Catherine’-themed DLC, free in Japan for a limited time.

Would you like to see these DLC bundles when Persona 5 comes to North America and Europe Feb. 14, 2017? Let us know in the comments below. Gotta have more Osoba in the meantime, but don’t want major spoilers? Check out our guide to everything we know about the Phantom Thieves.


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