Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Problémy: Náhradní modely také trpí problémy s baterií

New models of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 began hitting carrier stores earlier this week, but reports indicate the handsets are still experiencing battery issues. Galaxy Note 7 owners have told South Korean television news network YTN that the new handsets are suffering overheating and sharp drops in battery power, according to the Wall Street Journal .

The new handsets are supposedly experiencing power loss even while plugged in for charging. A Samsung spokesperson stated the battery “isolated cases” and told the WSJ that the overheating claims are not dangerous.

The new Galaxy Note 7 handsets feature a battery from Chinese battery manufacturer ATL (Amperex Technology Limited), which Samsung said is certified by a third party as safe from catching fire or spontaneous combustion. The new cells have the same 3,500mAh power capacity as the Samsung SDI batteries found in the older Galaxy Note 7 models; however, they not smaller to ensure a safer fit inside the device’s chassis.

A report for Bloomberg revealed that the cause of the Galaxy Note 7 battery issues possibly stemmed from the original battery being too large for the device, which then allowed volatile components within the batteries to interact and ignite.

Galaxy Note 7 replacements have also been available in the U.S. since Wednesday. So far there have been no major overheating or battery drain reports. While some carriers, such as Sprint and Verizon are now offering the new handsets to the general public, the Galaxy Note 7 is expected to have an official re-launch Oct. 21 .

Samsung has stated it plans to have 60 na 70 procent of the old Galaxy Note 7 off the market by next week.


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