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Který Aplikace Chtěli byste vidět, jak Snaps?

Which applications would you like to see made available as Snap? That’s the question being asked by the Snapcraft community who work on the technology. “What’s the killer app for you that you wish was a snap install away, automatically updated and always fresh?”, asks a

5 best Sports apps for Windows 10

  For many, Sports is life. They don’t watch sports; they breathe sports. Every score, every reaction is breathtaking for them. If you are addicted to sports as well, you might realize how crucial it is to have the updates at the right time. A genuine

Jak obnovit Využití dat na Windows 10

Okna 10 běží na tabletech, desktopy, a notebooky. Okna 10 tablets are limited to just the Surface line at present but the OS has features that are useful for tablet owners. Desktop users have access to these features too, even though they’re less likely to need

Best Apps for Protecting Your Kids from Online Threat

Now that internet age has fully established itself, online threats have started to run rampant, and they have especially affected the teenagers. They are now being bullied, harassed, and targeted by all sorts of people. There are individuals offering them drugs, there are kids who keep

Windows Store Cache může být poškozen ve Windows 10

  The Windows Store is Microsoft’s marketplace for downloading apps. nicméně, many times users may encounter one or the other problem in accessing and using the Store or the Apps. This post is related to resolving one such problem many users have very frequently encountered- že…

14 skvělé programování aplikací pro iPad

  1. Programování aplikací pro iPad: Dash Docs API Dash je dokumentace API prohlížeč, který umožňuje uživatelům okamžitě vyhledávat přes bezpočet API s funkcí v režimu offline k dispozici příliš. Dash poskytuje programátorům přístup k iOS, Operační Systém Mac, watchos, tvOS, Rychlý, .NET Framework, ActionScript, Akka,…

Jak vymazat Twitter App cache iOS

Twitter has just introduced a new feature in its iOS app; clear cache. A cache is something we normally associate with web browsers or at times with our desktop OS. Not many users think of smartphone apps when they hear the word ‘cache’ but apps do