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Facebook in trouble again as 50 million accounts get hacked

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg just revealed that the social media has been hacked. The hacker stole security tokens of over 50 milion uživatelů. The company confirmed that the attack was carried out a through a security vulnerability in the “View As” Feature. Facebook introduced the “View

How to get the Pride flag reaction on Facebook

Share some love on Facebook during Pride Month! Everyone at iMore loves, dobře, love. We also have Facebook accounts! If you're celebrating Pride Month and have a Facebook account, you've already seen most of the account tweaks you can add, like temporary profile banners. jestli ty…

Poslední blízkosti Friends mají na Facebooku

mají poblíž Friends o vás Facebook umožňuje najít svou polohu přítele, když jsou v blízkosti. Můžete snadno použít Dalšími kamarádi mají na Facebooku si smartphone.You mohou snadno sledovat všechny Facebook přátelům umístění vašeho reálném čase na váš Smartphone. Můžete také rychle splnit…

Facebook spouští Facebook 360 App Pro VR Content

Facebook has dabbled in virtual reality technology in the past for its users and they’ll soon have an easier way to find VR content. Facebook announced Wednesday the launch of Facebook 360, an app that’ll exclusively highlight VR content from other Facebook pages and users. …

Introducing Social Media Video Automation

We’re thrilled to announce one of our most requested features – video automation. dlvr.it now supports automatic posting of videos to your social media profiles and pages. Tap into dlvr.it to effortlessly share videos with your friends on Facebook, Cvrlikání, and Google+. Upload your videos to