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Outlook.com Premium is quite the expensive affair

Microsoft revealed Outlook.com Premium, a subscription-based version of its free Outlook.com email offering earlier this year. Tenkrát, the offer was only available to select customers who took part in the beta test. The company appears to have opened the doors for sign up to Outlook.com

Hands-On With the New Outlook.com

As you may have heard, Microsoft is finally nearing the completion of its migration to the new Outlook.com, which brings the look and feel and some of the functionality of the commercial Office 365 offerings to consumers. Here’s a quick look at some of the key

12 Rychlé Outlook 2013 zkratky

  Whether you are crazy about Outlook or not, it is the preferred e-mail software in offices around the world. jako takový, it would never hurt to learn all you can about this robust piece of software. Po všem, why wouldn’t you want to save time

Stáhnout Starbucks pro aplikaci Outlook Add-in

  Diskutují obchodní činnost nebo důležitých společností na veřejnosti, especially at coffee shops is common these days. Microsoft has come up with a unique approach to forge relationships over a cup of coffee. Microsoft has joined hands with Starbucks to develop Starbucks for Outlook add-in that

Jak připojit Sticky Note Outlook mailem

  Post-it notes often find their potent use on notice boards serving as a reminder of an important upcoming movement. A similar functionality is offered digitally by Microsoft Outlook. Earlier, and the most recent version of Outlook offer a sticky note option to create notes that