Vancouver-vyrobený Luigi je Mansion 3 startuje na Nintendo přepínač na Halloween

Luigi's Mansion 3

Nintendo has announced that Switch exclusive Luigiho Mansion 3 will launch on October 31st.

Given that the action-adventure game’s focuses on Luigi conquering his fears and capturing ghosts in a spooky hotel, the Halloween launch date is particularly appropriate.

When Luigi’s friends go missing on vacation, it’s up to our reluctant hero to save them from the ghosts in the Last Resort hotel! Join forces with Gooigi, slam ghosts, and prepare for a spooky treat when #LuigisMansion3 arrives to #NintendoSwitch na 10 / 31!

— Nintendo of Canada (@NintendoCanada) Července 17, 2019

Zejména, Luigiho Mansion 3 is being developed by Vancouver-based Next Level Games, which also worked on the second Luigiho Mansion game, the 2013 Nintendo 3DS exclusive Dark Moon.

In Luigiho Mansion 3, the titular hero goes on a dream vacation to a luxurious hotel with Mario and friends. However, the villainous King Boo reveals that this has been a trick to capture Mario and friends, forcing Luigi to step up and save them.

This time around, Luigi has an upgraded Poltergust G-00 gun to offer him new moves like Slam, Suction Shot and Burst. Meanwhile, returning ally Professor E. Gadd has given Luigi an all-green doppelganger called Gooigi, which will help the timid plumber navigate dangerous areas.

A friend can hop in the game to play as Gooigi at any time. Meanwhile, up to eight people can play online in the ScareScraper mode, which features time-based challenges across a series of floors.

Máte-li zájem Luigiho Mansion 3, it’s worth noting that Nintendo is currently running a promotion that gives you a discount when you buy two Switch games together.

The promotion — which includes Luigiho Mansion 3 — lets you purchase or pre-order various Switch games for $132.99 CAD. In other words, you’ll save up to $26.99 if you’re buying two $79.99 titles.

This offer ends on July 31st.

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