Your Questions About Linux Server Configuration Tutorial

Paul asks…

LDAP Server Configuration and tutorial?

Hello all

I like to know the LDAP(Light Weight Directory Access Protocol) its use ,importance, usage and how to setup LDAP Server on Redhat Linux, please help and if any one have tutorial or documentation regarding the above subject please give to me My email ID

Martin Král odpovědi:

LDAP(Light Weight Directory Access Protocol) is a part of Microsoft Active Directory. It is used to manage Active Directory and pull information from it and, does many other things.

Ken asks…

Configure FTP Server Linux?

Is there a good tutorial anywhere (that you have already used successfully)? I want something that is basically just typing apt-get install ftpserver; nano /etc/ftpserver/ftp.conf; /etc/init.d/ftpserverd restart

Martin Král odpovědi:

Try vsftp server.

On ubuntu try: sudo apt-get install vsftpd

Thereafter, edit configuration file using your favorite editor.

Sudo gedit /etc/vsftpd.conf (you will find comments with all variables)

Once done restart ftp service

You are done 🙂

David žádá ...

How to configure Send Mail Email Server in Fedora ?

I am very new person for the Linux operační systém. Where I can download free send mail video tutorial.

Thanks and Best Regards

Martin Král odpovědi:

I don't know where to get that but search google there are lot of tutorial on setting up sendmail.

Anyway that said, you need to edit /etc/mail/ this is the main configuration files of sendmail after editing it do make -C /etc/mail to compile.

More computer tips at

James žádá ...

how to configure Samba, Squid, pošta , dhcp , dns and nfs , web , mail sever in linux?


Martin Král odpovědi:

You don't ask for much do you? LOL..

That depends a great deal on what you want to do. I strongly recomend moving up to a more modern distro. You are welcome to YM me and I can walk you through the configurations. Trying to do a tutorial on this would take forever, however the Linux Howto page has a tutorial on all of these topics and most Linux howto's are very good.

Robert asks…

Okay I'd like to create a server, what gear do I need?

I have 2 XP service pack 2 pcs and one vista, what gear would I need to network them to a Server?

Martin Král odpovědi:

Um, why would you want 1 dedicated server with 2 dedicated clients?? Read tutorials on the internet because it's too much to put into a Yahoo! Answer. You need to know about your router configuration, user-level controls, sharing, NetBIOS, firewalls, server functions (such as print serving, file serving, website hosting, domain controlling). Get some books, you have a little ways to go.

You might want to try linux though. It's much better than XP and you'll get a lot of knowledge about computer hardware if you mess around with it. Taky, linux can do NFS shares through SAMBA (you can use your linux server as a mount point for windows shares)!!

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