CyberPowerPC's New Pearl CK60 Keyboard is Beautiful and Configurable

A series of small keyboards in various colors

DIY custom keyboards are all the rage, and unfortunately, call for intense research, and soldering skills. CyberPower’s upcoming keyboard configuration avoids all that drama. And along with it, the new Pearl CK60 keyboard gets you a beautiful “DIY style” keyboard without any work at all.

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I stepped into a suite at CES and had the chance to handle CyberPowerPC’s upcoming products, including a crazy water-cooled laptop. But it was the keyboards that caught my eye, including the ripped-apart components. If you’ve been around the DIY keyboard scene at all, you are probably aware that building your own keyboard is a pain. Even if you stick to the more common 60% style keyboard, you’ll find yourself making dozens of decisions and compromises along the way.

It’s frankly a hobby that’s out of reach for most people. CyberPowerPC might solve the biggest hurdle with its new custom keyboard configurator. Though the concept isn’t finalized yet, the idea is similar to CyberPowerPC’s pc configuration. You’ll be able to choose from various different plate, keycap, switch, and cable options. You’ll pair it with the provided case with foam case padding, a CyberPowerPC ANSI PCB, and foam plate padding. The plate gives the overall look an extra element of style.

The inside of a mechanical keyboard

Most of the common switch options are there, from Cherry to Kailh Box Silent Brown, though I admit some disappointment at the lack of Kailh Silvers. The case is compatible with standard 3rd party parts for additional customization. Down the road, the company intends to introduce 65% and TKL cases as an option.

But if designing your own keyboard still sounds like too much work, check out the Pearl CK6, Keyboard. It follows the same design aesthetics as those you can build with the configurator, and when I handled one it had enough heft to do some damage as an improvised weapon. The keys felt great, even with switches outside my usual preferences. It features a gold-colored aluminum base plate, and a classy black-and-white look. And, thankfully, the wired keyboard connects over USB-C.

CyberPowerPC didn’t have a launch date for the keyboard configurator but hopes to release the Pearl CK6 in June 2023 for $249.

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