Apple viser den magiske portrætfunktion i de nyeste videoer

Make your pupper or kiddo stand out with the help of Portrait Mode on iPhone 7 Plus!

Apple’s latest videos show off the magic of Portrættilstand on iPhone 7 Plus with adorable, aww-inducing subjects.

Soul Mate

“Soul Mate” features an adorable pupper with its head cocked to the side posing in front of some foliage. Portrait Mode, which uses the dual-camera system of iPhone 7 Plus to create a beautiful depth-of-field effect, helps separate the pooch from the busy foliage behind it.

With a subtly blurred background and an ultra-sharp foreground, the narrator says the pupper goes from “house mate” to “soul mate.”


“Creek” features a child emerging from the water in a creek with foliage, rolling hills, and a blue sky crowding the background. As soon as the iPhone photographer switches on Portrait Mode, though, the background fades to a beautiful blur and the child stands out in the foreground.

The narrator says the photo goes from “fine” (as in “meh”) to “fine art.” We’d have to agree!

Portrait Mode on iPhone 7 Plus

Are you rocking an iPhone 7 Plus? How often do you use Portrait Mode? If you’ve got a favorite Portrait Mode photo, share it with us over on Twitter!


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