'Everest VR' Drops Price, Lader dig zoome og teleportere i nyt indholdsopdatering [VIDEO]

Solfar Studios’ exciting and immersive Everest VR title has launched a content update to its God Mode.

Originally, God Mode was a still diorama scene of Mount Everest and its adjacent peaks. The update adds the following (via damp):

  • Zoom In & Out to fully explore iconic points of interest. Using the trigger buttons on your Vive controllers, now you can zoom in and out of multiple scales as you view and traverse the map. From a near view scale of 1:50 meters, up to 1:1500 meter scale, this mode gives you a fantastic and varied perspective on one of Earth´s most iconic peaks, not to mention vistas that no human will ever experience in real life! Look out for the little people (aka climbers), if you crouch down in 1:50 scale they´ll come into focus.

    base camp everest vr Base Camp at Everest.

  • Teleport along the historic climbing route used by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in their 1953 expedition, the first succesful attempt on Everest summit. On the Tibetan side of Everest, follow the climbing route along the North Ridge, used by the first Chinese expedition to climb the North Face and reach Everest summit in 1960.

The team plans to add “more functionality, additional historic climbing routes, and educational audio/visual material” in the months to come. They’re also at work on a new first-person climbing sequence of The Lhotse Face.

“An incredibly steep ascent, this is one of the most physically challenging stages of any summit attempt, with fixed rope lines providing the path from Camp 3 to overnight at Camp 4 before venturing into the Death Zone and to the Summit,” says the Steam side.

Everest VR has also reduced its price to $19.99 to provide a better price-to-content ratio and has launched a mixed reality trailer to convey the kind of experience it provides. Check it out below:

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