Her er hvad der er inde i PlayStation VR Core Bundle Box

There’s only a few more weeks left until the launch of PlayStation VR, so it’s no surprise we’re already seeing new unboxing videos from Sony. In the video, Sid Shuman shows fans what they will get when they purchase a PlayStation VR headset bundle.

When it comes to hardware, the video shows that the bundle will include a pair of headphones, virtual reality headset, external processing unit, and power and USB cables. The bundle also comes with a PlayStation VR demo disc with 18 games so you can get the most out the experience.

Sony made a good move creating this unboxing video, so people know exactly what they’re going to get, because it doesn’t include everything that’s required to play the PlayStation VR. Not included in the box, but still required to play the PlayStation VR, is the PlayStation camera, which will be required to play some of the titles on the platform.

Some of the games included with the bundle are Battlezone, Driveclub VR, EVE:Valkyrie, Gnog, Harmonix Music VR, Headmaster, Here They Lie og Rez Infinite. You’ll also get to check out a demo for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which is a teaser for the upcoming game.

To check out the bundle you can take a look at the video. PlayStation VR will be available in stores on October 13, with the bundle costing $400.


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