Amiibo Funktionalitet Med Nintendo Mobile Games? Patent foreslår ny Bluetooth-enhed, der kommer

With all the NX rumors, fans may be forgetting that Nintendo is also going hard into the mobile gaming market with Super Mario Run coming later this year and Krydsende dyr og Fire Emblem mobile games coming in 2017.

While information regarding the latter two titles are scarce, a new patent filed by Nintendo may give some clues as to how they may function.

According to the patent filed on Oct. 19, via a NeoGaf post, this new device is an NFC Reader/Writer, which allows the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U to communicate with amiibo, but Bluetooth functionality shown in the patent is something the older NFC readers don’t have.

The NeoGaf posting also points out that this device is not for the Pokémon Go Plus because that patent was filed earlier this year, so Nintendo is looking into a new device to utilize Bluetooth.

Check out the patent diagram below.

nintendo smartphone patent device The new Nintendo Bluetooth device

nintendo smartphone patent Patent that shows Nintendo device that uses Bluetooth

The introduction of amiibo for Nintendo mobile games makes sense, considering Animal Crossing has been a big game for the amiibo figures and the new amiibo trading cards.

Fire Emblem ’s amiibo functionality is not as deep as Animal Crossing ’s but with Fire Emblem amiibo in the market (no matter how rare they are ) they can still be used. Even Super Mario Run could technically use amiibo to give players power-ups or unlock new features.

So what do you think of the possibility of Nintendo mobile games having amiibo functionality? Let us know in the comments section below.


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