C-DAC Indien lancerer gratis Botnet Cleaning & Anti-malware produkter

Den Centre For Development Of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), the premier R&D organization Govt. of India for carrying out R&D in IT, Electronics and Computing, has via its Cyber ​​Swachhta Kendra (Botnet Cleaning and Malware Analysis Centre), launched a bunch of endpoint security products in collaboration with Internet Service Providers and Antivirus companies.

Anti-malware products from C-DAC India

C-DAC developed solutions defending the end point security threats. These solutions span across mitigating threats through USB mass storage devices, data exfiltration, malicious/unknown applications, application behavior, malware and web browser. Behavior heuristics, as well as applications behavior whitelisting approaches, are used, and various solutions are developed. Efforts are also being made to address malware threats through browsers on desktops and mobiles.

Anti-malware products from C-DAC India

The End Point and Network Security Solutions made available for download by them are:

  1. USB Pratirodh can be used to control the usage of removable storage media like USB, Pen drives, External hard drives as well as smartphones.
  2. AppSamvid is a desktop Application Whitelisting solution for Windows operating system. Using this tool one can allow only approved executable files to run.
  3. Browser JSGuard is a browser extension available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. This extension can help detect and defend against malicious HTML & JavaScript attacks using Heuristics, by alerting the user if they visit a malicious web page.
  4. M-Kavach for Android Mobile devices offers a comprehensive mobile device security solution and offers protection against online threats that steal personal data, credentials, misuse of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth resources, lost or stolen mobile device, spam SMSs, premium-rate SMS and unwanted incoming calls.
  5. Darpan, a Network Management Solution
  6. Guard Your Network, a Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention Appliance
  7. Edge, a LAN and WAN Network Monitoring Solution
  8. Chakra, a Dynamic Firewall Solution.
  9. BOT Removal Tool, in collaboration with an Indian antivirus software company.

Den Cyber ​​Swachhta Kendra is a part of the Government of India’s Digital India initiative under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) to create a secure cyberspace by detecting botnet infections in India and to notify, enable cleaning and securing systems of end users so as to prevent further infections.


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