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‘Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare’ Trailer Explains Combat Rig Gameplay Styles Before Beta

Call Of Duty: Infinite krigsførelse har en ny trailer heading into its beta, and it explains how the game’s Combat Rigs system works. Between several classes with unique styles, we know which character is best suited for all players.

In the words of Activision promotion, Combat Rigs are “wearable, customizable weapon systems using top-of-the-line tech built for extreme military applications.” In layman’s terms, as we beskrevet i en nylig funktionRigs er i det væsentlige et andet navn til Specialist-systemet, der debuterede i Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Der er seks Combat Rigs til rådighed med tre forskellige nyttelaster og vedholdende træk hver.

Påhængskøretøjet går derefter ind i detaljerne om, hvordan hver Rig kan bruges under Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer gameplay. Warfighter is a good all-around, mid-range choice, Stryker is tactical support, Phantom is for snipers, Merc is built for defense and heavy artillery, FTL is tuned for close-quarters stealth and Synaptic is best in melee and SMG firefights. The clip doesn’t discuss payloads or traits, but our linked feature above has a lot more info on that.

Denne nyhed kommer bare dage før Call Of Duty: Infinite krigsførelse PS4 beta starter på oktober 14. A second beta for PS4 and Xbox One players is also expected to start on Oct. 24. Initially the testing period will be restricted to those that pre-ordered the game, but it’s possible that it might open up to the public towards the end of each cycle. With this informational trailer, players won’t be totally in the dark once the battles commence.

Call Of Duty: Infinite krigsførelse udgivelser november 4 på PS4, Xbox One og PC.

Hvad tænker du om Call Of Duty: Infinite krigsførelse’s use of Combat Rigs? Are you prepared for the beta? Tell us in the comments section!


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