Del data fra dit Microsoft Band med Microsoft Health Connected apps

Any user can share his activity data with his favorite fitness app by simply linking it to his Microsoft Health app. You can share data from your Microsoft Band with RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal, MyRoundPro, and other fitness apps & sites. If you would like to connect to your favorite Connected apps from the Microsoft Health app on your phone or online in your Microsoft Health web dashboard, follow this tutorial.

Brug Microsoft Health App to connect your favorite apps

På din Windows Phone, find and select the Microsoft Health ca.

Next, tap Menu icon > Apps.

All the apps that you are connected to will be clearly displayed via Tilsluttede apps page in a browser window.

Microsoft Health app

When the page opens in the phone browser window, find the app you’re interested in and hit the Connect button.

Thereafter, log in to your account for that app and follow the on-screen instructions.

Upon agreeing to all the conditions, the app will get all access to data on your Band.

If you would like to connect the desired app online in your Microsoft Health web dashboard, switch to Microsoft Health web dashboard and chose Connected apps option.

Next, add a Connected app.

To do so, locate the app you want to connect to and select Connect.

Microsoft Health Connected

The next steps involve connecting to the Microsoft Health connected apps online.

Once done, you can start using Band and the Health app as you normally do. You will also be granted permission to access your information and integrate it with other data once the Health app syncs your data to the cloud. At any time, you can notice the data from your Band when you sign in to the site or open an app for the service.

Please note that the use of a user’s data is subject to the privacy practices and terms of use for the partner. It is strongly recommended to review the privacy statement and terms of use for any partner service before you connect.


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