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What are some inexpensive Apple Link Bracelet options?

The Apple Link Bracelet is a timeless, sleek, day-to-day choice for Apple Watch bands, except for one problem: the price tag. While some people are more than happy to pay a few hundred dollars for an Apple-branded band, it’s not always necessary to make it rain that type of moolah.

There are plenty of high-quality alternatives if you’re looking to capture the Apple Link Bracelet look without spending an arm and a leg, so here are a couple of options to consider!

HappyCell Link bracelet band

If you want the classic Apple Link Bracelet look for less, then keep the HappyCell Link bracelet band in mind as a high-quality, reliable option!

The HappyCell band is made with a stainless steel alloy that secures around your wrist via a butterfly enclosure. In order to make the band smaller, you have to remove the individual links for the HappyCell bracelet to fit your wrist in the most comfortable way possible.

This particular band comes in a sleek black or a shiny silver, both of which are bound to perfectly pair with whatever style of Apple Watch you have.

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KADES Solid stainless steel iWatch band

Made from a durable stainless steel, and designed in four classic Apple colors, the KADES Solid stainless steel iWatch band is worth keeping in mind as you hunt for the perfect Apple Link Bracelet look-alike.

With up to 10 removable links, a double-button folding clasp, and a modern, brushed metal style, the KADES watch band matches the timeless feel of the Apple Link bracelet effortlessly.

The band even comes in four colors, including a vibrant rose gold, bright gold, silver, and black, so you won’t have to worry about mismatching your most tech-forward wrist accessory ever again!

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top4cus Apple Watch band

To quote Amazon user Saucin right off the top,


Designed with a stainless steel alloy and super easy to install, the top4cus Apple Watch band is a high-quality Apple Watch band option that’ll save you some money if you’re looking for an Apple Link Bracelet dupe.

The band itself comes in a black or silver and secures with a butterfly clasp so your Apple Watch won’t slide off your wrist.

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Hvad mener du?

Is there a Apple Link Bracelet alternative that you think we missed on our list? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll be sure to check it out!


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