How To Disable Birthday Notifications In Windows 10


The Windows 10 Calendar app, by default settings, automatically shows desktop birthday notifications so that you can wish your dear and near ones on their birthdays. In addition to birthdays, you can also add other important events like wedding anniversary to the calendar to get notifications.

While getting birthday notification is a fantastic feature to have, the feature becomes annoying at times. For eksempel, you might not want to see those birthday notifications while working on an important presentation.

disable birthday notifications in Windows 10

If you are also annoyed by birthday notifications on your Windows 10 PC, you can disable the same.

Disable only birthday notifications in Windows 10

Trin 1: Open the Calendar app.

Trin 2: In the left-pane, uncheck the option labeled Birthday or Birthday calendar.

disable birthday notifications in windows 10

That’s it! You should not see birthday notifications from now on.

Disable all notifications from Calendar app in Windows 10

If you don’t want to see any notification from the Calendar app, you can turn off all the notifications from the Calendar app. Here is how to do that.

Trin 1: Open the Settings app. Naviger til System > Notifications & actions.

Trin 2: I Notifications from these senders section, turn off the Calendar app to turn off all notification from Calendar app.

disable birthday notifications in Windows 10 pic1

Click on the Calendar app entry to see the notification settings for the Calendar app.

Disable Birthday notifications on the lock screen

In addition to desktop notifications, vinduer 10 also displays birthday notifications on the lock screen. If you want to stop the same, follow the given below directions.

Trin 1: Naviger til Indstillinger > Personalization > Lock screen.

Trin 2: Remove the Calendar app from Choose an app to show details status section. To remove that, click on the Calendar icon and then select None or select any other app.

disable birthday notifications in Windows 10 pic3

Hope you find this guide helpful!


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