Nej, HTC 10 vil ikke køre Windows 10 Mobil, ifølge Evleaks

Vi rapporterede i sidste måned, at HTC, maker af Windows Phone-versionen af ​​HTC One M8, kunne planlægge at lave en Windows 10 Mobile devices sometime soon. This particular speculation was prompted by a Microsoft job listing specifically indicating a relationship with HTC around Windows 10 Mobil and more. Rumors in the Android world about the upcoming HTC 10 has generated more talk about a potential Windows 10 Mobile version.

There are good reasons to suspect that HTC might make a Windows 10 Mobile variant, not the least of which was their decision to run Microsoft’s smartphone OS on the One M8. However, famed industry leaker Evan Blass, @ Evleaks, has given his opinion, and it’s not what Windows fans want to hear.

Of course, regardless of @evleak’s excellent track record with such things, we won’t know for sure until we see it happen (or not happen, in this case). The Windows 10 Mobile ecosystem is building out, if a bit slowly, with the likes of HP set to release new devices. Stay tuned for more on the on-going Windows 10 Mobile saga.

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