'No Man's Sky' vinder Game Developers Choice Award, ingen rundt om at acceptere det

No Man Sky udviklere Hej spil won the Innovation Award at this year’s Game Developers Choice Awards, but nobody from Hello Games was in attendance to accept the prize. In fact, the team was getting dinner, talking about how they wouldn’t be winning an award.

As posted by No Man Sky‘s code lead, Innes McKendrick, the team was not confident they would be walking away with any awards. When host Tim Schafer announced that Hello Games had won the award, he was forced to accept it on the team’s behalf to keep the show moving along. Hello Games would eventually show up to claim the GDC Award, but it was too late for there to be an audience.

Sean Murray was so confident the team hadn’t won an award, that he was even in disbelief after people had told him otherwise. According to Murray, he figured No Man Sky hadn’t won any awards because he wasn’t told in advance.

Whoops! Let this be a reminder to everyone, if you get nominated for an award, you had better show up. You may surprise yourself, and actually win.

So what do you think? Is this just the perfect icing on the cake for the troubled history of No Man Sky? Have you ever missed your own award ceremony (like Editor-in-Chief of iDigi Mo Mozuch has)? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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