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Intel udsender stille Specter fixes til Haswell og Broadwell CPU'er

De faste Specter fixes kommer hurtigt og rasende nu. Intel skød tydeligt CPU-firmware opdateringer ud for Haswell (4th generation) og Broadwell (5th generation) processorer tidligere i ugen, der fulgte i fodsporene for de seneste mikrokodepatcher for Skylake (6th-gen), Kaby Lake (7th-gen) og Coffee Lake (8th-gen) processorer.

The Broadwell and Haswell patches were designated as “in production” in Intel’s recent microcode update guidance, as Toms hardware first noticed. Intel did not publish a blog post heralding their release. The company’s roadmap shows that it plans to issue fixes for processors all the way back to the decade-old Nehalem and Penryn generations.

Disse firmware opdateringer beskytter mod nasty Specter (variant 2) CPU udnytter that affect virtually all modern processors. The new releases are Intel’s second go at a fix, after a rushed first round of microcode patches sparked random reboots, occasional data loss, and other system instabilities. Intel trak de dårlige patches on January 22. We haven’t heard of any instability complaints with this new round of fixes.

installer intel cpu bundkort Thomas Ryan / IDG

Don’t expect to see the updates immediately. They need to trickle down through hardware suppliers like Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Asus in the form of motherboard BIOS updates; you can’t grab it directly from Intel. If you own a laptop or prebuilt PC from a major manufacturer, keep an eye out for an available update. It’s trickier if you built your own PC, so we published a guide on hvordan man finder Specter CPU-rettelser til DIY-computere.

Vær advaret: Firmware opdateringer fra Specter CPU vilje affect your PC’s performance, though it varies wildly depending on your hardware, operating system, and tasks at hand. In general, expect processors older than Skylake to suffer a larger performance hit, especially if you’re on Windows 7 or 8. We’ve tested the Spectre fix’s performance impact on a nyere overfladebog samt en 5th-gen Broadwell laptop. We’ve also explained how to test hvor meget Specter og Meltdown gør ondt din PC’s performance, da det adskiller sig meget fra system til system.

You should install the CPU microcode updates regardless. Security researchers have seen attackers testing malware that exploit Meltdown and Spectre in the wild. Keep your system’s protection vigilant (PCWorld’s guide to det bedste antivirusprogram can help if you need it) and don’t stop with these processor updates. With Meltdown and Spectre touching so many parts of your system, this microcode is just one part of the security solution. Check out hvordan man beskytter din pc mod smeltning og spektrum for en gennemgang om, hvordan man låser ned alle aspekter af din computer.


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