iOS 10.1 Tilslut JPEG, PDF-baseret Lækage, der gør enheder tilgængelige for hackere

With the release of iOS 10.1, Apple has finally plugged a leak that made iOS devices accessible to hackers. The flaw would allow hackers to plant a malicious code in the user’s system by having them view a malicious PDF or JPEG. The company has rolled out a security patch that will stop accessing iPhones remotely and taking control of the devices.

Users running older devices will still be vulnerable to the flaw though, so it is advisable to update to iOS 10.1.

iOS 10.1 also addresses 11 other security flaws, including local code vulnerabilities, a remote execution bug in the webkit and an address book flaw that would allow hackers to access the user’s contacts, despite restricted access to make the software more secure.

Apple has also released security updates for Mac devices, Apple Watch and Apple TV in MacOS Sierra (10.12.1), which include security updates for 16 vulnerabilities, including an image handling bug, a Denial of Service (DoS) error in the Nvidia graphics cards and drivers that could be triggered by malicious files.

Apple Watch users are recommended to update their devices to WatchOS 3.1, while Apple TV users are recommended to update to TVOS 10.0.1, both of which include security patches for the devices.


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