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iPhone SE (eller iPhone 6c) UK release dato rygter, funktioner og billeder

When will Apple launch its next 4-inch iPhone? Will it really be called the ‘iPhone SE’?

Apple’s iPhone SE (standing for ‘Special Edition’) will be unveiled at a press event on 21 March, according to multiple sources. This is expected to be Apple’s first 4-inch iPhone since the iPhone 5s in 2013. Some have also speculated that it will match the colourful plastic design of the iPhone 5c, which launched at the same time as the 5s.

Back in 2015, we were worried that Apple had decided to ditch the ‘C’ range from its iPhone line-up, and stop making 4-inch iPhones altogether after the success of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6s (og iPhone 6) og 5.5-tommer 6s iPhone Plus (and iPhone 6 Plus). But it’s been consistently rumoured that a smaller iPhone 6c (now believed to be called iPhone SE) might launch in 2016.

Here, we’ve gathered all of the latest iPhone SE rumours, including release date, design, specs and features speculation. We’ve also got iPhone SE concept images and mockups.

iPhone SE UK release dato rygter: Hvornår vil Apple slippe en mindre iPhone?

Seneste opdatering (29 / 02 / 2016): IPhone SE er næsten her. BuzzFeed nyheder rapporter that Apple will unveil the new 4-inch iPhone – alongside the next iPad and Apple Watch straps – at a press event on 21 March.

Intriguingly, this is the day before Apple’s day in court, as it attempts to justify its refusal to create and install custom firmware on an iPhone 5c used by one of the attackers in the San Bernardino shootings. (One would have thought this risks trampling the presumably good publicity generated at the iPhone SE launch with at the very least divisive headlines related the court hearing – but what do we know?)

Seneste opdatering (18 / 02 / 2016): Mens det ser ud til at iPhone 6c rygter har været flydende for evigt, kan vi endelig være tæt på at se det færdige produkt. Ifølge a rygte from 9to5Mac citing sources with knowledge of the subject, Apple will be hosting an event on 15 March 2016 where it’ll be showcasing the iPhone 6c alongside the iPad Air 3, and possibly a host of new Apple Watch straps. The source notes that Apple has dropped the iPhone 6c branding, and will launch the 4in iPhone as the iPhone 5se (more on that below). They also claim that the iPhone will boast an A9 chip along with improved cameras, Live Photo functionality and Apple Pay, and will cost a similar amount to the iPhone 5s.

Mere interessant er en opfølgning rygter, der tyder på, at vi måske ikke må vente meget længe for at få vores hænder på 4in iPhone efter martsmeldingen. Ifølge to 9to5Mac, a source has claimed that Apple is looking to shun the pre-order period with the iPhone 5se and iPad Air 3 and instead offer the products to buy in-store and online only days after the announcement. More specifically, the iPhone 5se and iPad Air 3 should be available to buy from Friday March 18 – three days after the announcement.

It’s a new strategy for Apple, a company that historically launches its latest iPhones around two weeks after the initial announcement, allowing pre-orders and excitement over the device to grow before its released into the wild. However, the iPhone 5se isn’t a flagship iPhone and as such, Apple may not believe it’ll generate the same kind of hype that the iPhone 6s did, so a shorter wait makes sense.

(Læs mere om rygtet Apple Watch 2, iPhone 6c og iPad Air event i marts her.)


While there was no new 4in iPhone announced at Apple’s September 2015 event, it doesn’t mean that a new 4in iPhone isn’t in the works at Apple. Rumours have claimed for some time that that model will not appear until 2016, but the suggestion is that Apple will not completely abandon the popular 4in form factor.

En rygte i midten af ​​november 2015 foreslog, at 4in iPhone 6c allerede var i produktion. Japanske websted Mac Otakara hævdede også, at hvad der muligvis vil være den nye post iPhone har allerede indtastet produktion og vil snart begynde at sende.

Another rumour surfaced in December 2015 from Chinese website TechWeb, and suggested that the new iPhone 6c (or iPhone 6 mini) could arrive in February 2016, just in time for Valentine’s Day – although we highly doubt this as, at the time of writing (end of January 2016) we still haven’t been invited to a late January/early February event.

Ifølge rapporten fra TechWeb (en kinesisk blog, og rapporten er baseret på en japansk rapport, ser det ud til), forsyningskædekilder hævder, at iPhone 6c er på vej til debut i februar 2016 (oversættelse). Denne rapport foreslår imidlertid også, at telefonen muligvis ikke kommer frem til midten af ​​2016 (som kan foreslå en WWDC-lancering).

In early 2016, Chinese network China Mobile ‘leaked’ details of the launch of a new 4in iPhone handset in a presentation, although the fact that the device is referred to as iPhone 7c suggests to us that this could be wishful thinking on their part.

According to the presentation the device is said to launch in March or April 2016, another reason why we don’t think the phone will be referred to as the iPhone 7c (the iPhone 7 er usandsynligt at starte før september).

DigiTimes kilder suggest the device will launch in the second-quarter of 2016. However, DigiTimes doesn’t always stick to the same story, another report from that site, published in early December 2015, suggested that component suppliers to Foxconn, the company that it tasked with building the new iPhone, believe that the new iPhone will be the iPhone 7c and it will arrive in September 2016.

And this view is shared by Piper Jaffrays’ Gene Munster who doesn’t think that the new smaller iPhone will arrive in the Spring. He thinks it will arrive alongside the iPhone 7 Autumn 2016. “If a 6C does launch, it seems more likely to come out with the iPhone 7 in fall 2016 rather than in early 2016,” Munster said, according to a indberette på Apple Insider.

However, he does concede that an iPhone 6c could arrive alongside a new Apple Watch. He said: “Further, we believe a smaller iPhone would not seem to have enough clout to carry a special event by itself, thus if it were to launch in early 2016, we believe it would have to happen in conjunction with the new Apple Watch, as that seems to be the spring event moving forward.”

Rygerier foreslår også, at Apple måske allerede har afsluttet udviklingen af ​​den kommende 4in iPhone 6c. Faktisk, efter Japanese financial newspaper Nikkei, the development of the phone was finished a year ago, in early 2015. The rumour suggests that Apple decided to delay the release of the 4in iPhone until a ‘more opportune moment’. The publication believes that Apple is targeting the unannounced budget iPhone at consumers in the emerging markets, due to the high price of iPhones on sale at the moment. If true, we could be seeing Apple’s next iPhone very, very soon.

Although rumours claimed that we’ll be seeing the Apple Watch as soon as February 2016, we’ve been speculating for a while that a March or April launch seems more likely – given that the Apple Watch launched in Spring 2015. We really can’t see Apple holding an event to launch the iPhone 6c without backing it up with the launch of the Apple Watch 2, and it seems our estimate looks to be correct. It’s rygter at Apple vil afholde en marts 2016 begivenhed, hvor det hævdes, at både iPhone 6c og anden generation Apple Watch vil lave deres debut, med de produkter, der sælges den følgende måned.

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iPhone 6c / iPhone 5se branding: iPhone 6c eller iPhone 5se?

Seneste opdatering (29 / 01 / 2016): In the latest turn of events, it seems that Apple’s 4in iPhone may be called the iPhone 6c after all – at least according to a handful of recent Mobile Fun-fortegnelser. Though there are no images of the case or details of the iPhone noted in the two iPhone 6c case listings, the manufacturers of the cases, Rearth, seem positive that Apple will go with the 6c branding instead of the less-sexy and harder to pronounce 5se. While this isn’t confirmation, vendor leaks tend to be fairly accurate as a lot of the time, they have advance details about the phones in order to design accessories for them.

If there’s one thing a smartphone needs to become successful, it’s strong branding. While we’re sure Apple has a host of ‘you-need-this-phone’-esque adverts up its sleeve for after the announcement of the smartphone, no one is quite sure what it’s called right now. Since the rumours of a 4in Apple smartphone originally surfaced, it had been widely referred to as the iPhone 6c – the upgrade to the budget (see: not so budget) iPhone 5c that was released back in September 2013 alongside the iPhone 5s.

However, more recently we’ve seen a flurry of different nicknames for the 4in iPhone including the iPhone 6e, iPhone 7c, and lastly, the iPhone 6 mini. While we’ve always been confident of the iPhone 6c branding, the most recent rumour suggests that we may have got it wrong, and in fact the upcoming 4in iPhone is rygter at blive kaldt iPhone 5se.

Even though we’re not a fan of the name (is it pronounced ‘ce’ to sound like the letter C?) 9to5Mac sources provided a great explanation behind the branding: “The “se” suffix has been described in two ways by Apple employees: as a ‘special edition’ variation of the vintage 4-inch iPhone screen size and as an ‘enhanced’ version of the iPhone 5s”. It’s also internally codenamed “N69” for those of you that are interested.

In summary: It looks like the 4in iPhone may be branded as the iPhone 5se at its launch, but until that point we’ll be mainly referring to it as the iPhone 6c (to avoid confusion).

iPhone 6c / iPhone 5se UK release dato rygter: Har folk virkelig troede, at Apple ville lancere en 4in iPhone i tide til jul?

Der var rygter om, at iPhone 6c kunne ankomme inden udgangen af ​​2015. Ifølge tidligere rapporter fra Kina var den mindre iPhone ved at gå i produktion i efteråret 2015, med en forventet november salgstidspunkt. Foxconn var tilsyneladende ramper op sine samlebånd til at opbygge iPhone 6c som en visning til det nye, mindre iPhone håndsæt, der foregår i november. Det må siges, at det nu ser ud som om det ikke er tilfældet.

Ifølge december TechWeb-rapporten hævder Foxconn nu, at produktionen er i fuld kapacitet.

Tidligere på året havde Foxconn sagt, at den havde modtaget forsendelser af 4in skærme, der er øremærket til enheden, ifølge til GForGames og ChinaTimes.

Hvis Apple havde kunnet få håndsættet lige i tide til jul, ville det have været godt for salget, men frigivelse af en ny iPhone i et andet kvartal ville betyde, at Apple kunne fejre bedre økonomiske resultater for kvartalet, end de ellers ville have , som kunne være i sin interesse.

Rygerne om, at en ny 4in iPhone er i værkerne har kørt i lang tid. I slutningen af ​​december hævdede 2014-analytiker Timothy Arcuri fra Cowen og Company, at hans kilder havde foreslået that it is “possible” that Apple will launch three new iPhones in 2015, with one of those new iPhones sporting a 4in display. Arcuri dubs the smaller iPhone the iPhone 6S mini.

A Taiwanske dele producent also said that an ‘iPhone mini’ is expected to launch in 2015 with a 4in display.

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Macworld UK poll: Hvilken størrelse iPhone passer til dig?

Fra og med 7 december er Macworld-læsere, der stemmer i ovenstående afstemning, mere opsat på 4.7in iPhone. 38% af læserne angiver, at de foretrækker 4.7in iPhone, med den næst mest populære størrelse 4in (21%), nøje fulgt af 5.5in (20%). ONly 4% vil have en 3.5in iPhone (størrelsen på iPhone 4s).

Dette matcher resultaterne fra analytikere hos Piper Jaffray, der netop spurgte over 1,000 amerikanske forbrugere og fandt ud af, at en 4in iPhone ønskes med en femte (20.3%). Til sammenligning vil 31.2% foretrække en 4.7in-model, og 27.2% foretrækker en 5.5in-model (dette tyder på, at i 5.5in iPhone kan det være mere populært, end det er hos britiske publikum).

Dette tyder på, at en rimelig procentdel af mennesker kunne vente på den rygter om nye 4in iPhone, der siges at komme i foråret 2016.

However, Piper Jaffray analysts Gene Munster just thinks that people who haven’t used a 4.7in screened iPhone yet just don’t know what they are missing out on. He said: “We believe that part of the reason that over 20% of smartphone users still say they prefer a 4in screen size is they still have older model iPhones. When they upgrade to a 4.7in screen with an only slightly bigger footprint in the pocket, we expect those users would be converts to the larger screen size.”

iPhone 6c / iPhone 5se design rygter: Metal cover, rebadged iPhone 5s eller mindre iPhone 6s?

Seneste opdatering (03 / 03 / 2016): While the below images aren’t necessarily leaks of the upcoming 4in iPhone, they’re definitely interesting concepts. MacRumours collated all rumours regarding the design of the upcoming iPhone SE, including the curved iPhone 6s-esque front panel combined with the boxed design of the iPhone 5s, and bestilt designer Tomas Moyano to create mockups. It’s interesting because if rumours are true, this is our first look at the iPhone SE before its announcement later on this month:

Mens vi oprindeligt var skeptiske til iPhone 5-esque design, siger Apple at være ansat hos iPhone SE, hvis disse konceptbilleder er noget tæt på det endelige produkt, vil smartphone være smuk.

Vi har forladt de ældre rygter om designet nedenfor:

Tilbage i januar 2016 lavede en video af den rapporterede iPhone 6c sin vej online. Videoen viste den kommende 4in smartphone med en iPhone 6s-esque, komplet med buede kanter og guldkasse. Det ser dog godt ud ifølge to a 9to5Mac source, it’s a fake (you can still see the video below anyway).

However, the same 9to5Mac source did release some information about what to expect with regards to the design of the upcoming smartphone. Indeed, it will feature a 4in display but it won’t be available in as many colours as the iPhone 5c was – in fact, it may only be available in the same colours as the iPhone 6s (Silver, Space Gray, Gold & Rose Gold). It’s also claimed that the iPhone 6c will largely retain the design of the iPhone 5s, although the shiny edges have reportedly been replaced with curve glass like the iPhone 6s & 6s. There are a myriad of updates under the hood though, with more information below.

Opfølgning fra ovenstående rygte, et billede dukkede op online of the iPhone 6c alongside an iPhone 5 and you can see, at least in part, that the bodies of the smartphones look similar, although the iPhone 6c (on the right) display features a curved edge, and also features Touch ID. Although with this being said, as with any leaked image or video, it’s worth taking with a pinch of salt.

Nogle iPhone 6c mockups er for nylig blevet vist online og viser nye metalliske farver, som tilsyneladende påvirkes af iPod touch med buede hjørner. Du kan se mere ved 9to5Mac.

En TechWeb-rapport i 2015 foreslog, at iPhone 6c ville sporte en farverig metallegeme, i modsætning til udtalelser fra forskellige analytikere, der hævder, at den nye iPhone 6c (eller 6s mini) ikke vil have et plastikhus som iPhone 5c. I stedet vil det have samme design og farver som iPhone 6s, bare mindre, ifølge KGI Securities analytiker Ming-Chi Kuo.

Kuo, who has made iPhone 6c predictions before, states that there is “still demand for a 4-inch iPhone, we believe Apple will upgrade this product line”. He thinks that rather than replace the iPhone 5c, though, the company will use the design of the iPhone 6s because it is far more popular.

Like KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst Shaw Wu also claims that the new iPhone 6c with a metal case won’t arrive until the first half of 2016.

Mac Otakara-rapporten antyder, at iPhone 6c vil være en rebadged og omdesignet iPhone 5s, snarere end en direkte søskende til 6'erne.

Påstandene om, at iPhone 6c vil være mere som iPhone 5s end iPhone 5c har været længe kørende. For en tid siden hævdede Jefferies-analytikeren Ange Wu, at Foxconn og Hon Hai ville drage fordel af metalforingsvirksomheden, hvilket forårsager, at Foxconns aktier voksede på det tidspunkt.

Wu thinks that the metal case is likely because it represents Apple’s “style” and helps differentiate iPhones from other smartphones, notes a Barrons Asia indberette.

For nylig er et billede gengivet fra OnLeaks has leaked, suggesting the two prototypes pictured are extremely similar to the iPhone 5s’ design and yet has certain elements of the iPhone 6 line’s design. This suggests Apple has utilised their old iPhone design and thrown in hardware found in the 6/6s line.

Fra de lækkede render synes billederne at tyde på, at 3.5mm-stikket stadig er til stede, og at Apple tænkte på to separate højttalerdesigner, hvorved det nyeste billede synes at tyde på et mindre, mere symmetrisk højttalerdesign. Kan vi se dual downward-firing højttalere fra Apple? Det vil tiden vise.

iPhone 6c / iPhone 5se farve valg rygter: Hvilke farver vil iPhone 6c komme ind?

Seneste opdatering (11 / 02 / 2016): Ifølge de seneste rygter kan iPhone 6c prale mere farver end iPhone 6s rækkevidde, på trods af ikke at være relateret til det farverige iPhone 5c-sortiment. Rykten, som stammede fra Macotakara states that while the iPhone will be available in the standard colour options (Space Grey, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold) the iPhone 6c (or 5se as it’s referred to) will also be available in a new shade named “Hot” pink – a colour similar to what is used in Apple’s iPod Touch range. It’s worth noting that there is no credible source for this rumour so as with any other iPhone rumour, take it with a pinch of salt.

Back in 2015, Apple updated the iPod touch with a new range of colours – can we expect to see the iPhone 6c share the same colour palette? The specs of the previous iPod touch model were iPhone 4S-era, now that the iPod touch sports the A8 and M8 processors it’s more akin to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus – apart from the fact that it’s got a 4in display.

Der er en ganske stor prisforskel mellem iPhone 5c og iPod touch, med et tryk på næsten halvdelen af ​​prisen på iPhone, på trods af at du har to gange lagerpladsen (såvel som en hurtigere processor nu):

  • 8GB iPhone 5c, £319
  • 16GB iPod touch, £159

Selvfølgelig kan iPhone 5c bruges med 3G eller 4G, mens iPod touch er afhængig af Wi-Fi til dataadgang. Kunne Apple i stedet lancere en iPod touch, der er i stand til mobilforbindelse, ligesom iPad mini? Hvis det gjorde det, ville det næsten være en iPhone 6c.

Alternativt kan iPhone 6c komme i et farveskema for at matche Apple Watch Sport straps – as you can see below, the colour scheme of the iPhone 5c wasn’t all that different to the Watch…

IPhone 5c var tilgængelig i følgende farver: gul, blå, lyserød, grøn og hvid. Tilsyneladende er den gule version den mindst populære med pink som den mest populære og blå den næstmest populære (tilsyneladende omkring halvdelen af ​​alle iPhone 5c salg er den rosa model.)

The Apple Watch Sport straps come in blue, pink, green and white colours, which as you can see from the image below, match the iPhone 5c. You’ll notice that Apple hasn’t made a yellow watch strap – probably because that colour is so unpopular. This suggests that we will not be seeing a yellow iPhone 6c.

Nye urremper er siden blevet introduceret, herunder en antikvitetsversion og en produktrød version.

There is also a black sports strap available for the Watch – suggesting to us that Apple may launch an iPhone 6c in black. We think a black iPhone 6c will be very popular.

Nye iPod touch farver

iPhone 6c / iPhone 5se UK prissætning rygter: Hvor meget vil iPhone 6c koste?

Spørgsmålet er, vil telefonen blive prissat højere, hvis den har et metalhus, end hvis det havde et plastikhus?

Forud for lanceringen af ​​iPhone 5c var meget af snakket om, at Apple lancerede en billigere iPhone, men i sidste ende viste det sig ikke at være lige så billig som folk havde håbet.

Until September 2015 the iPhone 5c was sold at a low(ish) price, but we’d prefer it if it was 16GB rather than 8GB. Before it was removed from sale, 8GB iPhone 5c costs £319 new from Apple (cheaper on a contract). We’d like the new iPhone 6c to come in at £299, the same price as the Apple Watch, with more storage available.

Der er forslag om, at hvis Apple lancerer en iPhone 6c, vil det være billigere end iPhone 5c var ved lanceringen og imødekommer efterspørgslen efter en lavere entry point-iPhone, men vi mener, at dette er ønsketænkning.

For example, TechWeb claims that Apple is trying to keep the price low in the US, with the handset starting somewhere between $400 (£272) and $500 (£340), which is less than the iPhone 5c’s starting price was when it launched.

Another consideration is the fact that the new iPhone 6c will be a replacement for the iPhone 5s, currently selling for £370 (16GB) or £419 (32GB). So perhaps we can expect a price nearer that level, potentially even higher since it would be a new phone.

Har Apple brug for en billigere iPhone til at sælge sammen med The Watch for at tilbyde en billig adgang til verden af ​​wearables? I modsætning til dette, i slutningen af ​​sidste år i USA leverede Apple en rabat på en Apple Watch, hvis den blev købt med en iPhone.

iPhone 6c / iPhone 5se funktioner og spec rygter: Vil iPhone 6s understøtte 3D touch? Vil det tilbyde en Touch ID sensor? Hvor stærk vil det være?

Seneste opdatering 25 / 01 / 2016: En video af iPhone 6c har for nylig gjort sin måde online, og mens mange blev meget spændte på den kommende smartphone, en 9to5Mac kilde med viden om iPhone 6c hævdede that it’s fake. Although the source can’t produce any evidence to support the claim, they did provide a list of features of the iPhone 6c, including the following:

  • 8Mp bagkamera med et 1.2Mp-front-ansigt FaceTime-kamera (fra iPhone 6)
  • Støtte til større panoramaer, med ekstra autofokusunderstøttelse ved videooptagelse
  • Barometer til elevationssporing
  • NFC chip til Apple Pay (og formodentlig Touch ID)
  • A8 og M8 chips (fra iPhone 6)
  • Bluetooth 4.2, VoLTE og 802.11ac Wi-Fi chips (fra iPhone 6s)
  • Live Photo support (fra iPhone 6s)


En kilde hævder, at AU Optronics tilsyneladende vil producere 4-tommer skærme af den kommende iPhone 6c, ifølge to GforGames. Apple analyst Kuo doesn’t think the iPhone 6c will offer 3D Touch support, skriver MacRumors. However, a Mac Otakara report indicates that the iPhone 6c may include 3D touch, as introduced with the iPhone 6s so, at this point, it’s rather up in the air. DigiTimes also reported that the iPhone 6c will feature Gorilla Glass opposed to the ion-strengthened glass used with the iPhone 6s, which sounds likely.

We speculate that to keep the costs down (and to make the 6s look more attractive) Apple won’t include 3D Touch technology, but we won’t know for sure until Apple announces the device.

Tryk på ID:

Vi mener, at Apple ønsker at flytte alle sine produkter til Touch ID, så vi forventer, at den nye iPhone 6c vil tilbyde denne funktion. En TechWeb-rapport tyder på, at iPhone 6c vil tilbyde Touch ID (så det vil fungere med Apple Pay), men ikke 3D Touch.

Nu hvor Apple har lanceret Apple Pay i Storbritannien, it seems likely that Apple’s strategy moving forward will be to offer Apple Pay to more and more customers, and doing that is likely to include making sure that all current iPhones have the ability to be used for Apple Pay. Back in 2015, claims were made that the iPhone 6c would gain NFC and Touch ID, ifølge til en DigiTimes rapport, uden andre rygter overflade med hensyn til Touch ID siden.

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The iPhone 6c is said to have an A8 processor, according to DigiTimes. That’s the same processor as is found in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, while the iPhone 5s uses the A7 processor.

En Mac Otakara-rapport foreslår også, at den nye mindre model vil bruge A8-processoren, snarere end den A9-processor, der findes i iPhone 6'erne.

Dette modsiger imidlertid Kuo, som hævdede, at den nye 4in iPhone ville bruge den nyere A9-chip.

Ifølge DigiTimes-halvlederindustriens kilder bruger enheden 14 / 16nm FinFET-chips fremstillet af TSMC og Samsung. Dette er en ændring i den oprindelige plan for at bruge 20nm chips. Tilsyneladende vil de mindre chips muliggøre en specs opgradering og lavere strømforbrug.

A report from KGI in January 2016 also predicts that the new 4in device will offer an A9 processor, as well as 16GB of storage, NFC, Touch ID, and 2GB of RAM. It’s also rumoured to feature Bluetooth 4.1.

iPhone 6c / iPhone 5se batterilevetid rygter: Hvor længe vil batteriet vare på iPhone 6c?

Apple ansætter eksperter til at arbejde i sin batterisektion. Ifølge til en rapport om Apple Insider har Apple annonceret ni stillinger inden for den sidste måned, hvoraf nogle er eksplicit orienteret mod iOS-enheder, ifølge webstedet. Enhver ny batteriteknologi er dog usandsynligt, at den kommer til iPhone 6c, men i stedet forventer vi, at denne telefon vil tilbyde den samme batterilevetid som iPhone 5'erne gør i øjeblikket.

Et lækket billede af batteriet, der tilsyneladende vil indeholde iPhone 6c, har dukket op på fransk internet side, Intet andet sted.

It’s a 1715mAh battery, which is better than the 1510mAh battery in the iPhone 5c, but smaller than the iPhone 6 1810mAh.

Det kan også have et større 1,642mAh batteri, ifølge nogle kinesiske rapporter.

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iPhone 6c / iPhone 5se kamerar rygter: Vil iPhone 6c have et godt kamera?

IPhone 6c vil også tilbyde et forbedret FaceTime HD-kamera med en f2.2-blænde, ifølge rygter.

Vi havde forventet, at iPhone 6c ville være en ompakket iPhone 5s, med det samme kamera som den pågældende telefon, dog en indberette from GSM Dome suggests that Apple has placed an order for camera parts for a 4in iPhone – presumably the rumoured iPhone 6c.

Ordren siges at være hos Sony og er for et betydeligt antal kamerasensorer bestemt til iPhone 6c.

Ifølge rapporten er der to kinesiske analytikere (hvoraf den ene er chefanalytiker hos Electronic System Design China), der hævder, at Sony kun kan opfylde 50% af efterspørgslen efter kamerasensorer, fordi så mange er købt af Apple til den nye telefon.

It’s not clear why these camera sensors are destined for the 4in iPhone 6c and not another new iPhone, but it would appear that the analysts believe the camera is destined for the plastic iPhone.

En anden indikation på, at iPhone 6c kan få et nyt kamera, ses på bagsiden af, hvad der siges at være lækkede billeder af iPhone 6c. Den nye flash på bagsiden af ​​de lækkede iPhone 6c-modeller, som det ses på billedet nedenfor, antyder, at Apple vil være sammen med denne telefon.

Apple has also been issued patent for a “digital camera with light splitter”. Apple’s system would split up red, green and blue light and send each to a dedicated sensor. This should mean images are clearer and sharper, however, this new camera is likely to only appear in the newer iPhones

iPhone 6c / iPhone 5se lækket & koncept billeder

Lækte billede fremkommer online i februar 2016, høflighed af OnLeaks.

En samling af iPhone 6c konceptbilleder dukkede op i januar på 9to5Mac hjemmeside.

Tilbage i 2015 Martin Hajek, der er kendt for konceptdesign af nye Apple-produkter, kom med nogle billeder af, hvad han mener, den nye iPhone 6c vil se ud.

His designs are metal – not plastic like the iPhone 5c.

No iPhone 6c was unveiled at the September event, but that doesn’t mean Apple won’t launch a 4in model eventually.

On 21 May 2015 the iPhone 6c was ‘spotted online’, apparently, and on Apple’s own website of all places. Take this with a pinch of salt because it could just be a Photoshop error, but there’s no mistaking that this photo of Apple’s new iPhone opladnings dock med lynkontakt ser ud til at have en iPhone 5c med et Touch ID hvilende i det.

And if you know the iPhone 5c, you’ll know that it doesn’t have Touch ID, Apple’s fingerprint sensor that sits beneath the home button on the iPhone 5s and later.

Rumours have claimed that the iPhone 6c might be a repackaged iPhone 5S with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, so it could indeed be the first glimpse of the iPhone 5c ‘s replacement.

We’ll be following this story closely to see if Apple changes the image or reponds to requests for comment.

Apple website ‘leak’ aside (let’s face it, it’s probably a rendering mistake) there are very few leaked images of the iPhone 6c, but there have been other sightings, for example, on 30 March, photos (apparently) leaked that appear to show a new iPhone with a colourful plastic chassis, similar to the iPhone 5c, in the smaller size that many are hoping for.

The images suggest that this is a new iPhone because the camera flash has a different shape to currently – oval rather than round – and there are more holes for the speaker at the bottom of the leaked iPhone shots, which were delt af FutureSupplier, en grossist af mobiltelefon reservedele baseret i Kina.

Dette billede viser kameraets flash på den nye iPhone 6c

Her er en anden tilsyneladende lækket billeder af iPhone 6c:

IPhone 6c højttalere, delt af FutureSupplier.

Ikke tilfreds med at vente på lækkede billeder, designere har skabt koncepter af enheden. (Se også: 10's underlige Apple koncept kunstdesign.)

Der er også masser af kunstneriske resultater af, hvad den nye iPhone 6c kan se ud. For eksempel, 3D Future er kommet op på følgende, hvordan en efterfølger til iPhone 5c kan se ud:

For og bag

røre ID

Bagsiden af ​​iPhone 6c som forestillet af 3DFuture

Billede: 3D Future

We quite like iPhonesoft.fr’s iPhone 6c concept, which is slimmer and has an edge-to-edge display.

Designer Martin Hajek har også lavet et lignende koncept billede:

iPhone 6c / iPhone mini koncept videoer

To get even more of an idea of that the iPhone 6c might be like, here’s an imaginative video.

SET Solution thinks that the ‘c’ in iPhone 6c could stand for Curve, so has created a video to show what a curved iPhone 6c could look like.

Diverse iPhone 6s / iPhone 5se rygter

It’s easy to imagine the changes Apple may decide to make to the iPhone 5c should it decide to continue the product line:

IPhone 6c kan have flere eller forskellige farver. De fem farver, der bruges til iPhone 5c, er på trend for året 2014, men vil de stadig være moderigtige i 2016? Hvis ikke, kan Apple beslutte at opdatere farverne, så de passer til nye modetrends.

It’s also likely that a new iPhone 6c would have an improved camera and processor, and would possibly also be thinner and lighter than the current model. As it stands, the iPhone 5c is slightly thicker and heavier than the iPhone 5s, at 8.97mm and 132 grams compared to the iPhone 5s’s 7.6mm and 112 grams.

Vi tror også, at hvis Apple følger denne strategi, vil iPhone 6c få en Touch ID-knap til sikkerhedsformål.

Do you think Apple will release an iPhone 6c? Do you think it should? What new features would you like to see in a future iPhone 6c? We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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