'League of Legends' Ny Champion Revealed: Camille, The Assassin With Knives For Legs

League of Legends just got a massive assassin update with the start of the preseason, and it looks like another deadly fighter is about to join their ranks. Camille is the 133rd champion added to the game and the third introduced with a webcomic. She’s a slender killer, who values rules above all else.

In the webcomic, called “Adskilte slips,” Camille sees that a member of the autocracy of Piltover is going to marry a criminal called Baron Marko. Under no circumstances could Camille let her precious city of Piltover fall into the hands of a madman and a criminal, so she needs to take him out. Piltover is a mechanical city with heavy gothic and steampunk themes. Everyone has some sort of mechanical augmentation, from a metal skull to a claw for a hand.

Camille doesn’t have a laser beam shooting out of her back, but she does have the next best thing: knives for legs. I always thought Kindred had the most graceful walk in the League, but Camille might give the duo a run for their money.

The webcomic also gave us a hint at what Camille’s other abilities might be. She shoots out a couple of tethers from her waist that allow her to move around like Cirque De Soleil. She could have a dash ability that has her shoot tethers to pull her closer to terrain. Riot Games have created so many amazing and memorable characters and kits that anything that happens next will totally catch me off guard.

Camille will be hitting the PBE “early next week, maybe Monday/Tuesday?” according to Riot Games employee RiotJag on reddit.


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