Linux Mint Powered MintBox Mini fik to gange bedre med Pro Version

Huske MintBox Mini? It’s a mini PC powered by Linux Mint. Mini PCs have increasingly become a replacement of the regular desktop CPU.

These tiny devices are compact in size but have almost the same processing capability of a regular desktop computer (except for the gaming ones). These fanless devices can be put on your desk without taking a bulk of space. Ideal for regular home users.

MintBox Mini now has a newer and more powerful version which is unsurprisingly called MintBox Mini Pro. Linux Mint team unveiled the Pro version today with a comparison table with the previous MintBox Mini.

You can compare the specification of the two versions in the table below:

Linux MintBox Mini vs MintBox Mini Pro

As you can see, MintBox Mini Pro has more RAM, bigger SSD size among other things. Heat dissipation has been improved in the Pro version as claimed by the manufacturer Compulab. MintBox Mini Pro ships with Linux Mint 18 Sarah installed on it.

Of course, all this comes at a cost and in this case, it is an additional $100. MintBox Mini costs $295 whereas MintBox Mini Pro has a price tag $395.

MintBox Mini Pro

Why should you buy MintBox Mini?

In case you are looking to buy a new desktop, I suggest you to consider buying MintBox Mini. If you prefer Ubuntu, buy an Ubuntu-powered mini PC.

You’ll get a Linux powered machine, running out of the box with actual support for Linux from a manufacturer. In addition to that, this will send a positive signal to other companies out there that Linux powered computers also generate good sale. This might tempt other manufacturers in launching their own Linux version desktops and laptops.

Buying MintBox Mini Pro

MintBox Mini Pro is available to order from its official website. Shipping time is 3 weeks. Shipping duty and VAT are not included in this price so you should mentally prepare to spend a little more than $395.

You can order your MintBox Mini Pro from the link below:

Order MintBox Mini Pro


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