Liste over nye funktioner i Windows 10 Skaberne Opdatering

Microsoft has taken the technology world by storm by showcasing its next magnificent line of products which includes Overflade Studio, Surface Book with performance base and i7 processor and the handy little magical Surface Dial. Along with it, we also got to know about the next big Windows 10 update – Windows 10 Skaberne Opdatering.

Windows 10 Creators Update features

Scheduled to launch in early 2017, the update is expected to house many features that will boost the productivity from a creator viewpoint. Below are the features which will be a part of the next big Windows 10 opdatere:

Paint 3D

Easy-to-use and elementary, the Paint app that we’ve been using in Windows has now been reimagined with a UWP skin and updated with new features. You can now draw and give shape to objects in 3D and create cool 3D graphics by using the new tools. The Paint 3D app is currently available in Windows Store as a preview, but you’d require Build 14800 or higher in order to get a hands-on experience.

Windows 10 Creators Update features


Microsoft is bringing this new feature called MyPeople which makes it even more easy for you to connect to your close friends. Native to the taskbar, you can connect to people over Skype, GroupMe and Office while easily collaborating and switching between apps. It is going to be a welcome change with its pretty neat interactive features such as flashing expressive emojis right on your desktop.

Liste over nye funktioner i Windows 10 Skaberne Opdatering

Action Center Improvements

One of the beauties of Windows-as-a-Service is that you get to see the evolved and improved version of the basic core components with each major update. In Windows 10 Creators Update, the Action Center is going to be revamped once again with more accessibility options.

Liste over nye funktioner i Windows 10 Skaberne Opdatering

Keeping in mind that this update is especially for creators, you’ll get to adjust the brightness and other control directly from Action Center, improved set of Quick Action icons and a fairly improved UI. Pretty neat, this one!

Personalization Improvements

Microsoft is adding a lot more color options for donning a custom UI element accent color. Now you’ll be able to select any color with help of a color picker and get the preview of how it would look like right before putting on the skin. Apart from this pleasant change, Microsoft is also expected to add Blue Light option which can change the screen color and brightness depending on the time of the day.

Liste over nye funktioner i Windows 10 Skaberne Opdatering

Themes for sale

Windows 10 Store will now offer you Themes for sale. You will be able to buy themes for your Windows 10 device, just as you would buy any Windows Store app.

Liste over nye funktioner i Windows 10 Skaberne Opdatering



Groove Music Maker

This update is majorly such buffet that has a lot for those who loves to create. With Creators Update, Microsoft is supposedly rolling out a separate Music Maker app using which you can easily create your own music. Although it was not announced officially during the event but this change is going to be favorable for the music creators.

Liste over nye funktioner i Windows 10 Skaberne Opdatering

Mail App Improvements

Things are improving for the Mail and Calendar app as well with Creators Update. We’re going to witness some cool changes in Mail app including the ability to open emails in a new window, replying to an email with help of quick actions and mentioning a person using @ symbol etc. Also, it is reported that mail notifications are improved to allow any user to access the defined quick access for left/right swipe actions, right from the notification card.

Liste over nye funktioner i Windows 10 Skaberne Opdatering

Revamped Windows Defender

Windows Defender is going to get a design makeover in Creators Update. Putting on the Windows 10 UWP type skin, Defender looks pretty clean in this new UI. However, there has not been any official word on the new features that it could include but a refreshing UI is always a welcome change.

Liste over nye funktioner i Windows 10 Skaberne Opdatering

Microsoft Edge Improvements

Edge is also getting a line of new features with this update. With this mixed reality built right into Windows 10, Creators will be able to pull off the 3D objects directly from a web page in Edge. Tab browsing is also going to get enhanced with the ability to set aside the tabs for visiting them later and restoring the tabs from the last browsing session.

Liste over nye funktioner i Windows 10 Skaberne Opdatering

Other Significant Features

Some of the other features that are expected are:

  • Working Sets – Better project management for teams and groups with working sets. Helps create a central hub for images, videos, documents and files.
  • OneClip – A shortcut tool to allow easy sharing of data between Windows 10 enheder og Office 365-software.
  • OneDrive Placeholders – Making a comeback, this tool helps you access all files saved on OneDrive, even if they aren’t stored locally on the network.
  • Blue Light feature that will adjust your screen’s brightness according to your environment.
  • Improvements to Continuum and extended support to Windows 10 Mobile enheder.
  • Support for Bluetooth GATT.
  • Bulk opdateringer via USB-tilstand.

Apart from the above major game-changers, Creators Update is supposed to house much more cool features and improvements. Windows Insiders are going to get an early taste of these features as the new builds get rolled out to those who are enrolled in Fast Ring for updates.

Stay tuned with us and we shall keep you updated with the changes that are going to be a part of Windows 10 Opdatering af skabere.


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