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Microsofts Windows Server 2016 er nu generelt tilgængelig

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Tilbage på Ignite 2016, Microsoft meddelte den generelle tilgængelighed af Windows Server 2016 og System Center 2016. I dag, Microsoft endelig lavet Windows Server 2016 and System 2016 generally available — and users can download it right now from MSDN and VLSC. Users who are interested in trying out Windows Server 2016 first, they can Prøv Windows Server 2016 Evaluering her. Windows Server 2016 brings a number of new features, including new layers of security to protect users’ data, control privileged access, and more. There are some other key features that are being introduced with Windows Server 2016, and you can find a short list of the key features below:

  • Extended security – Windows Server 2016 introduces new layers of security to harden the platform to address emerging threats, control privileged access and protect virtual machines.
  • Resilient compute – simplified virtualization upgrades, new installment options, and increased resilience, helping you ensure the stability of the infrastructure without limiting agility.
  • Reduced-cost storage – expanded capabilities in software-defined storage with an emphasis on resilience, reduced cost, and increased control.
  • Simplified networking – the new networking stack brings the core set of networking capabilities and SDN architecture directly from Azure to your datacenter.
  • Application efficiency and agility – Windows Server 2016 delivers new ways to package, configure, deploy, run, test and secure your applications – running on-premises or in the cloud – using new capabilities such as Windows containers and the new Nano Server lightweight OS deployment option.

I et blogindlæg, Microsoft’s Windows Server team stated:

“We are pleased to announce today marks the general availability (GA) of Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016. Customers can now broadly acquire the server operating system that accelerates innovation and security of both traditional and cloud-native applications. As a cloud-ready OS, Windows Server 2016 inherently enables hybrid cloud. It was forged in our own Azure datacenters, learning from the rigorous requirements of a global, public cloud, and includes software-defined capabilities that are fundamental to fast-paced cloud innovation. Windows Server 2016 also offers seamless portability across datacenter, private and public cloud environments via virtual machine and new container formats that can be reliably deployed wherever the business requires. This release is just one of many reflecting our deep commitment to hybrid cloud. In our long-held view, hybrid cloud is the reality for all enterprise customers, even those with the most ambitious cloud plans. Some applications should and will move quickly to public cloud, while others face technological and regulatory obstacles. Regardless of where these applications run today or will run in the future, Windows Server 2016 provides a rich and secure platform.”

Endnu en gang kan brugere downloade Windows Server 2016 lige nu fra MSDN og Volume Licensing Service Center. Derudover er det værd at bemærke, at Microsoft vil holde en webcast i morgen hvor virksomheden vil se nærmere på alle de nye funktioner og forbedringer.


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