'NBA 2K17' Opdatering 1.11 frigivet til PS4, Xbox One: Patchnotater Åbne Matchmaking Tweaks

NBA 2K17 update 1.11 was just released on PS4, Xbox One and other supported platforms. In the absence of official patch notes, you may be wondering what it does. 2K Sports recently revealed the purpose of the fix in an officielle tweet.

As noted in the message above, update 1.11 was dispatched to “resolve matchmaking issues that some users were experiencing.” With a hefty weight of about 7GB, it will likely take some time to download. That being said, increased online stability in modes like MyPark and MyTeam may be worth the wait.

This most recent NBA 2K17 update is one of many tweaks uploaded to servers over the past few days. 2K Sports recently took it upon themselves to patch in All-Star Tournament hooks while addressing popular glitches. If Friday’s tweet is any indication, some screws still needed tightening.

The update’s 7GB size will likely frustrate players, but 2K Sports has suggested that platform holder restrictions force its QA team to make each patch accumulative. In case you’re wondering, those longstanding loading screen bugs still haven’t been totally fixed for many players.

NBA 2K17 er tilgængelig nu på PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 og PC.

What do you think of the 1.11 update for NBA 2K17? Does it make your online experience better? Tell us in the comments section!


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