Netflix 'Luke Cage' Premiere: Se åbningen Credits Scene Now [VIDEO]

Netflix has released what appears to the be opening credits scene for the 13 episodes of Luke Cage releasing tonight, Sept. 30. The introduction features a warm jazzy tune and soft grey silhouettes of the Harlem hero. Watch below:

Aside from the many trailers and teasers, this is our first look inside Marvel’s latest Netflix series. The final trailer for Luke Cage , released earlier this week, showcased the ladies of Luke Cage with a better look at Claire Temple, Misty Knight and Alfre Woodard’s Black Mariah. There was also get a brief shot of Method Man, Stan Lee’s cameo, more of Cornell ‘Cottonmouth’ Stokes, and as always, Luke Cage destroying anything in his path to save Harlem.

The trailer also may have given away how Misty and Luke first meet. She finds him at a crime scene, which looks to be the barbershop where he’s working. One of Cottonmouth’s associates drive by and when they start shooting through the windows of the shop, Luke shields a kid from gunfire. Misty, a detective, arrives and is astonished by the fact his shirt is full of bulletholes, yet he’s fine.

Before the barbershop incident, it appears Luke may have been just trying to live a normal life. That is, until he learns Cottonmouth is terrorizing Harlem. “There is nothing that can hurt you, so what the hell are you afraid of?” Claire Temple asks Luke over coffee.

There’s clearly a season-long war with Mahershala Ali’s villain. After Luke steals a bunch of money from Cottnmouth’s club, the crime boss is clearly out for revenge. He plots with corrupt politician Black Mariah to go after Luke’s greatest weakness, which appears to be Misty and Claire. A car nearly crashes into Claire while she’s helping a bloodied victim walk across the street. Then, Luke sweeps an injured Misty up in his arms and jumps off a ledge to bring her to safety.

Luke Cage premieres tonight at 12:01 a.m. PDT and 3:01 a.m. EDT.


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