'No Man's Sky' Stacking-funktion fjernet i nyeste 1.09-opdatering til PS4-version

Over the weekend, a new update for the PS4 version of “No Man’s Sky” was released, and it initially promised “more bug fixes” to Sean Murray’s controversial game. However, as players navigate their way through the latest update, certain features were found to have been added to the action-adventure survival game and there were also features that were unfortunately removed.

Ifølge Pure PlayStation, it has learned via Reddit users who discussed the changes the update brings that the feature that enabled players to stack items has been removed. However, Reddit user Undertaker59 noted that players can still use their existing stacks. The same Redditor also revealed that players could no longer hold down square when uploading multiple discoveries and press down triangle when moving multiple pieces of inventory.

En anden Reddit user Blokeh commented in the thread that with the 1.09 update for “No Man’s Sky,” gamers should now press triangle for every item when transferring multiple items from the suit to the ship. This is, of course, quite counterproductive, knowing that players could just mass transfer items while holding down triangle and just moving the cursor before.

While there are things that have been removed from the game, players are also reporting that some things have been improved, such as graphics and sound. The last missing fauna discovery could also be found quickly, according to Undertaker59.

Express reports that while the new 1.09 update was launched for the PS4 version, the PC version recently updated with an experimental patch, which reportedly improved framerates as well as removed the item stacking feature.

The release notes of the 1.09 update has yet to be released, but it’s expected to contain numerous entries, since the update requires around 733 MB free space. On the other hand, the PC version’s experimental patch clocked in at under 100 MB.

Just recently, Hello Games confirmed that they are currently focusing on ironing out bugs found on the PS4 and PC versions, and they would introduce new features afterwards.

The new “No Man’s Sky” update comes in the wake of Sony boss Shuhei Yoshida’s statement that appeared to put the blame on Sean Murray for the criticisms the game received since its release in August.


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