Rando er en ny iOS app, der sender folk tilfældige meddelelser på dine vegne

Ever felt like you wanted to message someone, but have no idea what to actually write? How about when you get the urge to send someone a picture, but simply can’t decide which one?

Well, there’s a new app in town that’s ready to tackle these exact use-cases. It’s called Rando, and it’s out for iOS already. You can grab it for free from the iTunes App Store.

Rando sends people random messages on your behalf. You can pick between a photo, a GIF, or a quote. Say you go with a pic. By default, Rando offers to randomly send an image from your Camera Roll, without even showing you which one. Thankfully, you do get the option to see it before it’s shared, but in order for that to happen you need to tap a blurry rectangle.

GIFs are sourced from Giphy. It’s unclear where quotes come from, so supposedly Rando has its own database for those. Like for pictures, you can either send the GIF or quote blindly, or opt to see it first. Sending is done via text, Facebook, Twitter, or any other app that you can share stuff to in iOS.


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