'Rainbow Six Siege' Major League begynder feb. 25: Hvordan dit hold kan deltage i Open Qualifier Turneringer

I bought my copy of Rainbow Six Siege for PS4 last year for $30, so you can imagine my surprise when I learned GameStop currently marks a used copy at $40. Thanks to Ubisoft’s remarkable Year 1 updates and Year 2 roadmap, Siege became one of the few 2015 game titles that actually grew in popularity and received a deserved price bump in the past couple of months. Likewise, the popularity of the online shooter’s eSports tournament has increased significantly as well. Moving forward, Ubisoft aims to expand Siege tournaments, which means more people will get a chance to compete. Think your crew has what it takes? Here’s how you can join:

Firstly, the Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege competitions will still be headlined by the Pro-League teams on PC. That said, Ubisoft has created the Major Leagues for competitive Xbox and PlayStation 4 players. In total, Ubisoft will invite eight teams per region and platform to take part in the Major Leagues. In total, the Major Leagues will run 4 Seasons per year.

Xbox One is currently the only gaming console with an established Major League. Ubisoft will invite four of the best teams from the Season 3 qualifiers to compete against the current top four ML teams of Europe and North America. To have a chance at becoming a qualifying team, you’ll face two phases.

Phase One begins with two open tournaments, which will be held from Feb. 25 through March 4. The final four qualifying teams from each of the two tournaments will combine for a total of eight teams that will get to move on to Phase Two.

In Phase Two, the final eight teams will compete for the last four slots of the Major League. The Xbox Final Qualifier tournament will be held on March 11.

Den Rainbow Six Siege Major Leagues will be new for PS4. Beginning Feb. 25, Ubisoft will hold a total of three open qualifiers. The two best teams of the first open tournament qualifier will make it to the Major League. Next, the two best teams in the March 4 open tournament will make it to ML. Finally, the four best teams in the third open tournament, held on March 11, will make it to the Major league.

Will you be joining the Rainbow Six Siege Major League tournaments? Let us know!

To sign up for the Xbox open tournament qualifiers, visit the following sites below:

To sign up for the PS4 open tournament qualifiers, visit the following sites below:


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