RotoVR simuleringsstol vist ud i lancering trailer

RotoVR har lavet a lanceringen trailer for its rotating Interactive Virtual Reality Chair. Pre-orders for the chair have been open since May but previous marketing and promotional material was based around 3D computer renderings of the product. A rotating chair might sound a rather stationary object to help you to fit in an expansive 3D world, however looking at the video there is some obvious appeal, especially in vehicular simulations.

The RotoVR chair offers the following key features:

Importantly for its chances of success, the chair is compatible with all the major HMDs such as; Oculus VR, PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, and OSVR. The accessories, some listed in the bullet points above, can be attractive depending on the types of games you play – using peripherals such as pedals, wheels, controller tables, and head trackers. Furthermore, the feedback from rumble packs attached to the chair bottom and back might be essential for some.

RotoVR are showing off the chair and accessories at VR & AR World Expo in London from 19-20th October. Until 5th November pre-order prices are still on offer for the chair and some but not all of the accessories so far devised. The chair itself is pre-orderable at $499, for example, which will rise to $699 after the offer closes.

If you buy a RotoVR system and/or peripherals, dispatch is expected to be in December with delivery in January 2017.


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