Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Bevarer 90 Procent Af Brugere Trods Tilbagekaldelse

Samsung reports great success with its exchange program for the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. The manufacturer udgivet en erklæring Tuesday indicating up to 90 percent of Galaxy Note 7 users who have exchanged their handsets have gotten a new Galaxy Note 7.

“We are humbled by our customers’ loyalty to the Galaxy Note 7 device,” DJ Koh, Samsung’s president of mobile communications business sagde i erklæringen . “This is why we want them to take advantage of their local replacement program so that they can continue to feel confident and excited every time they reach for their Galaxy Note 7 device.”

Hidtil om 60 procent of U.S. and Korean Galaxy Note 7 users have turned in the recalled Galaxy Note 7 for a new model or device, while 80 percent of consumers in Singapore have exchanged their handsets.

Though there haven’t been any reports of Galaxy Note 7 explosions since the recall became official on Sept. 16, Samsung continues to urge users that haven’t exchanged their devices to do so. Users can return the device to a local carrier or Samsung call center. Users will be able to differentiate a battery safe Galaxy Note 7 handset by its green battery indicator icon. Older handsets that are apart of the recall have a white icon.

Reports also indicate some new Galaxy Note 7 models have suffered issues, including overheating and rapid declines in battery power, even when being set to charge. Samsung has stated this issues are not related to the battery in the new handsets.


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