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SteamVR får mulighed for at justere opløsningen, så den passer til dit grafikkort

There’s some exciting news for those who have a VR headset and enjoy SteamVR spil, da Valve netop har introduceret en ny auto-opløsningsfunktion, der intelligent tilpasser opløsningen til at matche kraften i din grafikkort.

The feature is in beta testing right now, but it should be a major boon to those with a lesser GPU, as it will be able to adjust the resolution to keep things running smoothly – which is, of course, a key consideration for VR and avoiding nausea or other unpleasantness that might be caused by choppy frame rates.

Dette er især rettet mod dem, der køber nye headset med amped-up opløsninger som HTC Vive Pro og forskellige Windows blandet virkelighed efforts. It’s expensive enough to buy the headset itself without having to upgrade your GPU to cope, as well – and with the new auto-resolution capability, a lesser graphics card will still be able to manage.

Naturally, you’ll still get a better experience in terms of graphics detail with a faster GPU, although that’s always been the case when it comes to PC gaming. Note that the system won’t down-tune your resolution to a lower level than the native resolution of the first-gen Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

Kort skarpt

Ud over at lave nedjustering, hvis du har et kraftigt grafikkort, vil automatisk opløsningsfunktionen skrue op for opløsningen for et endnu skarpere billede, hvis det er muligt.

All this adjustment happens behind-the-scenes, so the user needn’t worry about anything, although you can still manually adjust the resolution via SteamVR’s video settings if you wish.

It’s worth noting that the automatic adjustment happens once on startup, and isn’t performed for every individual game (or indeed dynamically within a game).

If you’re interested in testing out the new feature, head to SteamVR under Tools in your Steam Library, right-click to get Properties, then choose ‘beta’ from the drop-down menu in the Beta tab.

Via Ubergizmo

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