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How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on iPhone

  With the latest trend in online security requirements, having a password is not enough to keep your iPhone account safe. If an unauthorized person obtains your password, you need another layer of security, specifically two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication will ensure that your Apple account is

UK banks slammed over lack of two-factor authentication

  Which? accuses high street banks of failing to protect customers from fraud Major high street banks have failed to provide sufficient security steps to safeguard customers against scams, new research suggests. A report by Which? released today found that many banks lack "two-factor authentication" på…

WinAuth Windows 2-factor Authentication app

WinAuth is a free open-source program for the Windows operating system that can be used to generate codes for various services offering 2-factor authentication. 2-factor authentication, sometimes also called 2-step verification, is an authentication scheme that adds a second verification step to authorization processes. Companies started

How to Secure Your Accounts from Social Engineering Hacks

Many users have become sensitized to the reality of security and computing today. We know the common threats to look out for; Viruses, Worms, and Trojans to name a few. There is another threat that’s often overlooked and difficult to overcome; Social Engineering. Private information such

Sådan opdaterer CURL med cPanel på CentOS 7

CURL er et simpelt modul, der giver dig mulighed for at tilslutte og kommunikere med forskellige typer af servere ved hjælp af forskellige former for protokoller. Curl understøtter primært http, https, ftp, gopher, telnet, dict, fil, og LDAP protokoller. Det understøtter også SMB, SMBS, IMAP, IMAPS, POP3, POP3S, RTMP, RTSP,…

Install OpenSSH 7.2 På Linux Ubuntu Systems

Install OpenSSH on Ubuntu Linux Systems. OpenSSH, also known as OpenBSD Secure Shell, is a suite of security-related network-level utilities based on the SSH protocol. OpenSSH 7.2 is the latest version of the SSH Shell. OpenSSH is a freely available version of the Secure Shell (SSH)

Cumulative Update KB3140743 for Windows 10 udgivet

Microsoft pushed out two new updates for stable versions of the company's Windows 10 operating system today. The updates KB3140743 and KB3139907 are available via the operating system's update service or as direct downloads from Microsoft's Download Center. KB3140743 is a cumulative update for Windows 10

Move your Google data to OneDrive or Dropbox directly

Google launched Takeout in 2011, a service that provides Google users with the means to export some data. It enables you to export some data, Google Drive files, Contacts or Calendar data, for safekeeping or import to other services. The service has been updated throughout the

Configure Postfix to use Gmail as a Mail Relay

Configure Postfix to use Gmail as a Mail Relay If you have a Gmail account, you can configure your MTA to relay outgoing mail through Gmail. This gives you the benefit of Gmail's reliability and robust infrastructure, and provides you with a simple means of sending

LastPass Authenticator ankommer på Windows-telefon

  LastPass Authenticator has just launched on Windows phones in addition to iOS and Android devices. LastPass Authenticator is a free two-factor authentication service that adds an extra layer of security when navigating different websites or apps. The service generates 6-digit, time-based passcodes or sends push