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How To Encrypt One Drive Files With Cryptomator

Most cloud storage services encrypt the data stored on their servers except a few exceptions like Amazon Drive. While managed encryption rids of the threats associated with online privacy, the ability of the cloud storage services to manage the encryption keys makes the user’s files even

How To Reset Data Usage On Windows 10

vinduer 10 runs on tablets, desktops, and laptops. vinduer 10 tablets are limited to just the Surface line at present but the OS has features that are useful for tablet owners. Desktop users have access to these features too, even though they’re less likely to need

Fix vnStat Not Automatically Updating

There was a problem for me after publishing the vnStat PHP article, it's vnStat console could not update its database automatically. The result was vnStat PHP cannot update the data automatically as well. The cause is probably because I accidentally ran vnstat update as root. Men…

NoSQL Databases May Be Your Next Competitive Advantage

NoSQL databases offer improved performance, spur ecommerce innovation, may be less expensive than other options, and could improve management of big data. kort sagt, your ecommerce business’s next competitive advantage could be your database. Competitive advantages are slippery things. For eksempel, a few years ago you

Sådan Reset en iPhone Sikker

  A reset on the iPhone will restore it back to its original settings. Depending on the reset options you choose, your iPhone can selectively reset specific settings, delete all data and content, or restore your phone back to its original settings, as if it just

Google Analytics: Custom Reports, Shortcuts, Dashboards

Ecommerce merchants need easily accessible data to make quick decisions and drive more sales. But the data used by merchants differs based on their particular circumstance. They need data that is customized to their situation. I denne artikel, I’ll explain how to assemble Google Analytics’ custom

At vokse Søg Trafik, Tilføj JSON-LD

Presumably every ecommerce site wants to improve its organic search traffic. But a limiting factor with search engines has been their need to analyze huge quantities of HTML data, which is often complex, non-standard, og, in many cases, broken. The fact that search engines (and browsers)