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How To Run .appimage Package on Ubuntu

AppImage is a universal software package format for all GNU/Linux distros. This format made your software "installation" extremely easier: to run GIMP for example, you just need to download one file in .appimage format, run it by few clicks, and GIMP is running. You don't need

Save Windows Folder snapshots as HTML files

Snap2HTML is a free portable program for Microsoft Windows devices that enables you to take snapshots of Windows folders and save them as HTML files. While you may access files directly on Windows using Windows Explorer or a third-party Explorer alternative such as Total Commander, functionality

How To Set Up A Swap File On Linux

Swap is an essential part of Linux, and how it manages programs. Med det, Linux users can suspend to RAM, and even allocate extra memory for programs to use when physical RAM runs out. Suffice it to say, everyone should use swap. On traditional Linux distributions,

Dockerizing LEMP Stack with Docker-Compose on Ubuntu

Dockerizing LEMP Stack with Docker-Compose on Ubuntu Docker-Compose is a command line tool for defining and managing multi-container docker applications. Compose is a python script, it can be installed with the pip command easily (pip is the command to install Python software from the python package

Hybrid: cross-platform video converter

Hybrid is a cross-platform video converter frontend for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows that utilizes various tools to convert multimedia files. There are plenty of tools out there that you may use to convert video files. We have reviewed a bunch of them over the

Onionshare: sikre filoverførsler bruger Tor

Onionshare is a free open source program for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux that enables you to transfer files security using Tor. File sharing has not changed all that much in the past ten or so years. You can send files to other users in

Hent Windows 10 Byg 15048 ISO-billeder

A few days ago Microsoft has released Windows 10 bygge 15048 til Windows Insideres. As it is a Fast Ring, official ISO images are not available. Here is how you can make your own ISO images to install this build from scratch. To get Windows 10

Install Keepass Password Manager On Ubuntu Linux

Install KeePass password manager on Ubuntu Linux Systems. KeePass is a free open source password manager, which helps you to manage your passwords in a secure way. You can put all your passwords in one database, which is locked with one master key or a key