Twitter tilføjer video deling mulighed i direkte beskeder

Twitter is having a hard time lately especially when its users heard about the upcoming timeline changes. Keen to put this fiasco behind it, Twitter is focused on adding new features to its service.

Yesterday the company launched the GIF button, which allows you to search and embed gifs from a rich catalog that’s been put together by Giphy and Riffsy. You can learn more about this her.

Today, Twitter launched yet another feature – video sharing within the Direct Messages. You can capture and share a video via the Direct Messages, which turns the Direct Messages even closer to a full-blown messaging service.

The update to Direct Messages is already available for Android and iOS, as well as on the regular web version.

Twitter already increased the character limit up to 10,000 symbols for the direct messages, among other improvements. Maybe Twitter’s endgame is to separate the DM service as a standalone app just like Facebook did with the Messenger a while back.

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