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Included with the Windows operating system since at least Windows 7, hvis du bruger Internet Explorer eller MS Edge, du måske har set det i aktion, når du forsøger at besøge et mistænkeligt websted, or try to download a file that Microsoft deems to be a tad “off”. Microsoft keeps servers solely dedicated to keeping track of malicious web sites and malware. SmartScreen uses this data to determine if your anticipated behavior is acceptable. Hvis ikke, a pop-up will show telling you that your desired action runs against the grain. It should be noted that you can side-step this recommendation if you wish, meaning that this is not a block so much as it is a warning.

I strongly recommend that you leave SmartScreen enabled. It adds one more layer of sikkerhed that can help to protect you from yourself. Some of you may have dangerous surfing habits and therefore see this screen more often than you’d like and want to put a stop to this perceived nuisance. For those diehards out there, this Quick Tips article will show you how.

Disabling SmartScreen

  1. Brug Windows Key + jeg to open the Indstillinger App
  2. Vælge Opdatering & Sikkerhed
  3. Vælge Windows Security i det venstre panel
  4. Click the button labeled Open Windows Defender Security Center
  5. Click the button labeled App & browser kontrollere

That should bring you to a window that looks like this:


By ticking the Radio Buttons shown in the above image, you can set things as you like. Near the bottom of this screen is a link called Exploit protection. Clicking this will bring you to some advanced settings that I strongly suggest you leave at their defaults. To learn more about these settings I would say to use your favorite search engine to do the job.


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