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DA2 v2: new ITX box at Streacom!


If you like SFF (Small Form Factor) PCs then the DA2 v2 from Streacom should appeal to you. This is a low volume reference: less than 20 l!

DA2 v2: Streacom launches a new ultra compact case!

Streacom DA2 v2

As we told you this model is a tiny box with the following dimensions: 180 (W) x 340 (D) x 286 (H) mm. In terms of weight, it remains very light: 3.9 kg. This is justified by its size, but also by its aluminium construction.

Inside, of course, space will be more than limited as the case will only accept ITX motherboards . At the same time, this is the goal. In addition, it offers a comfortable length for the graphics card: 330 mm. The only condition will be to opt for an SFX or SFX-L power supply unit. If you stay on ATX, the graphics card will not be able to exceed 220 mm. Finally, the CPU ventirad will be 145 mm high at most.

Of course, an all-in-one watercooling system can be installed. The radiator of the latter can be up to 280 mm high, which is quite a lot for the size of this model. Of course, fans can be installed inside to improve the air flow. The brand announces a mill support ranging from 40 mm to 180 mm. At the back, a small 92 mm can be added.

Streacom DA2 v2

For storage, the brand announces the possibility of installing up to three 3.5″ units or six 2.5″ SSDs. All of this is done via a bracket that is designed to be removable.

About the price, it stings a bit. Indeed, this DA2 v2 is already priced at 224.10€ at Two colours are also available: black or silver.

Click here for the Streacom data sheet!

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