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‘Darkest Dungeon’ Crimson Court DLC Delayed By Ongoing Radiant Mode Development

Work continues on the next big update for Darkest Dungeon, the masochistic dungeon-crawling RPG from Red Hook Studios, but some unexpected obstacles in the creation of the Radiant Update have forced the team to formally delay the Darkest Dungeon: The Crimson Court DLC.

If you missed the original announcement, Darkest Dungeon’s upcoming Radiant Update will add a new mode meant to reduce the time investment needed to complete the game. According to a new blog post from Red Hook, Darkest Dungeon’s new Radiant Mode won’t be any easier than the existing offerings, Normal and New Game+ (which will be renamed “Stygian”), but shouldn’t require as much time to complete. The new patch will also introduce several new enemies, the first of which is featured in this week’s post, and make other quality-of-life improvements.

“Radiant Mode is not being designed to be an “easy” mode. The intent is to adjust things that typically affect the time it takes to build up your roster and assault the Darkest Dungeon,” the studio wrote. “Our goal is to get the completion time down to around 40 hours, although playtests will confirm where we land. Having all three modes available gives more flexibility for Darkest Dungeon to adapt to your lifestyle, without changing the core experience.”

The studio says it expects to release the Radiant Update on PC early next month. It’ll take a bit longer to get the new content ready for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita but Red Hook Studios says PS4 and Vita owners can expect more information in coming weeks. Sadly, the extra work on the Radiant Update means Red Hook Studios has been forced to readjust its timeline for the The Crimson Court. Originally expected to debut next month, the studio now says fans can expect the first round of Darkest Dungeon DLC to emerge sometime in April.

Darkest Dungeon is currently available on PlayStation 4, PS Vita and PC. The game’s first expansion, The Crimson Court, is now slated to debut in April 2017.

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