Dash to Panel Adds Support for Dynamic Transparency

The popular Dash to Panel GNOME extension has been updated to support GNOME 3.26.

The upcoming release will also include support for dynamic transparency, a bit of desktop eye candy that was introduced by GNOME developers in the recent GNOME 3.26 release.

Dynamic Transparency in Ubuntu 17.10 works on both the top bar (the panel across the top of the screen) and the Ubuntu Dock. When an app window touches either element, or is maximised, the transparency of the dock and panel is reduced to help improve legibility.

As Dash to Panel (as i’m sure you know) combines the dock and the top bar into a single panel you might be curious as to how it handles the feature.

Well, no big surprises: when an application window touches the panel or is maximised Dash to Panel turns solid (as pictured in the gif opening this post).

Also featuring in the next update to Dash to Panel is a touch of conflict avoidance. The extension will automatically disable the Ubuntu Dock extension when it’s installed and enable. This ensures you don’t end up running two docks on a single workspace.

Get Dash to Panel v10

Dash to Panel combines the GNOME Dash/Ubuntu Dock and the top bar status menu area into a single, unified panel. It’s available to install on supported GNOME based desktops from the GNOME Extensions website.

Dash to Panel on GNOME Extensions

At the time of writing, Dash to Panel v10 hasn’t been submitted to the the GNOME Extensions website, but should go live in the next week or so, ahead of Ubuntu 17.10’s release on October 19.

In the meantime you can download the extension from Github.