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‘Dawn Of Titans’ Guide: Get More Titans, Add Relics, Use Fusion, Plus Full Titans List

Looking for a Dawn Of Titans guide to getting more Titans, learning about their types, how to add relics, or use fusion? Check out our beginner’s guide to all things Titans, here, plus a full list of all Titans in the game.

Last week, Zynga released its long-awaited mobile action strategy game, Dawn of Titans to iOS and Android users across the globe. The game involves epic battles waged by players with their Titans leading the way. Dawn of Titans, while enjoyable for those who love battle and strategy type games, has a lot going on in it and has a bit of a learning curve for those just getting started. Though the developers have done a decent job of creating a step-by-step tutorial for various functions and features in the game, they can be a little difficult to keep up with.

We’ve been playing Dawn of Titans for a few days now and have started to get the hang of how everything works, so we’ve put together a beginner’s guide to Titans, how to get them, fuse them, the types there are, and more. We’ll also be adding more Dawn of Titans guides in the upcoming days so keep an eye on our Dawn of Titans thread for latest articles.

Dawn Of Titan’s Beginners Guide To Titans: Tips And Tricks For Players Just Starting Out

dawn of titans how to get more titans titan list relics fusion how to fuse tips guide strategy Titans vary by class and race and come with their own unique strengths.

The Dawn of Titans storyline essentially follows a time period when Titans have begun roaming the earth, joining sides with various forces and helping allies defend against or attack foreign lands.

Titan Races And Classes

Titans come in all shapes and sizes and vary in strength on stats like HP, Damage, and Resistance to spells etc. Initially, you are allotted one Titan in the game, but as you get more of them, you’ll want to take a look at their individual skills to decide which are best to upgrade the soonest, which to take into battle and which to leave defending your territories.

There are four races of Titans and the race contributes to its specific skills:

  • Human Titans – known for their courage, their sense of honor, and their loyalty to those under their protection.
  • Unak Titans – these have a reputation for being fierce and merciless fighters.
  • Elithen Titans – They are marked by the graceful weapons they us and their strength is speed and skill in battle. Titans are renowned for their speed and skill in battle.
  • Mossman Titans – These Titans are swift and stealthy, wielding weapons grown from Deadwood trees of their homelands.

Titans also vary by class and subclass.

  • Warriors – good for Melee attacks
    • Berserkers, Champions and Guardians
  • Rogues – stealth and ranged attackers
    • Rangers, Assassins, Infiltrators
  • Spell-Casters – have spell abilities and magical defenses
    • Paladins, Sorcerers and Shaman

Titan Levels

In order to level up your Titans, they have to gain experience points, which are gotten by making successful attacks on other players, winning campaign battles or raiding and capturing various lands. As your Titans level increases, so do his stats.

Titan Relics

Relics are added bonus items that you can equip on your Titans to enhance their abilities. Relics can do things like modify a Titan’s damage, health, armor, piercing hits and so forth. Initially, your Titans can only be equipped with one relic, but as your Titan levels up, you will be able to equip him with additional relics.

How To Get More Titans And Relics

dawn of titans how to get more titans list altar of wealth relics fusion how to fuse tips guide strategy zynga ios android There are a couple of ways to get more Titans in Dawn of Titans and both are found in the Temple.

There are a few ways to get more Titans and Relics in Dawn of Titans.

  1. Log in for Daily Bonus At Altar Of Wealth – Each day you are entitled to one daily bonus that can be found in the Temple to the right of your castle. This daily bonus is free and will include either a relic or a Titan.
  2. Purchase Titan or Relic Packs – As with most free to play games, there’s some kind of cost if you want to progress through the game quickly. In the case of getting more Titans and relics, you can do so by purchasing Relic or Titan packs in the Temple as well. They cost 1,000 and 4,000 gem respectively but give you greater chances of finding more valuable relics and Titans. If you don’t have enough gems, gems can be earned or purchased in the store. We will discuss more gems in more detail in a later post.
  3. Win Campaign Battles – For relics, there is one more way to get more of those, and that is by winning campaign battles. After these battles are one a relic or two is sometimes dropped.

What Is Titan Fusion And How To Do It

dawn of titans how to get more titans titan list relics fusion how to fuse tips guide strategy zynga ios android Fusing Titans is one way to enhance the skills or unlock extra features for a favorite titan in Dawn Of Titans.

The ability to fuse Titans doesn’t come until you reach level Castle Level 7 in the game, but once you get there, it can be a useful feature. Titan fusion essentially allows you to enhance a favorite Titan by sacrificing or fusing other less desirable Titans with your chosen one, in order to make it a better version of itself. By fusing Titans, you can increase your Titan’s base stats, open up new relic and skill slots or improve an existing skill.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the inventory menu on the right-hand side of the game screen with four connected dots.
  2. Tap on the Titan icon.
  3. Tap on the Fusion button at the bottom of the screen
  4. Select the Titan you want to enhance. You will be taken to the Fusion screen.
  5. At the bottom is a list of Titans you can fuse. Tap on one to see how fusing it will enhance your Titan.
  6. Once you have chosen the best Titan(s) to fuse, tap the Fusion button (you must have enough food in order to complete the fusion).
  7. Your Titan has now been fused!

“Dawn of Titans” Titan List

dawn of titans how to get more titans titan list relics fusion how to fuse tips guide strategy Titans vary by class and race and come with their own unique strengths.

Below are all the Titans currently in the game along with class and rarity. The more stars, the more rare the Titan.

Warrior Titans

  • Cycros – Elithen Berserker – 1 star
  • Kobar – Ragnar Champion – 1 star
  • Dimesh –Unak Champion – 1 star
  • Dralik – Unak Champion – 1 star
  • Kron – Ragnar Champion – 1 star
  • Aldwin – Human Guardian – 1 star
  • Halric – Human Guardian – 1 star
  • Agrax – Elithen Guardian – 1 star
  • Kulgar – Ragnar Champion – 2 star
  • Dalkar – Unak Champion – 2 star
  • Halstad – Human Guardian – 2 star
  • Kattash – Unak Guardian – 2 star
  • Coria – Elithen Berserker – 3 star
  • Karn – Ragnar Champion – 3 star
  • Durat – Unak Champion – 3 star
  • Tirius – Elithen Champion – 3 star
  • Wulfric – Human Guardian – 3 star
  • Kazut – Unak Guardian – 3 star
  • Solgar – Human Berserker – 4 star
  • Kamathi – Mossmane Berserker – 4 star
  • Arvan – Human Berserker – 4 star
  • Grimvald – Human Berserker – 4 star
  • Koldan – Ragnar Champion – 4 star
  • Drakor – Unak Champion – 4 star
  • Venomtusk – Mossman hampion – 4 star
  • Snowgor – Elithen Champion – 4 star
  • Volstan – Human Guardian – 4 star
  • Avalos – Elithen Guardian – 4 star
  • Skolnar – Ragnar Guardian – 4 star

Rogue Titans

  • Alnoth – Human Infiltrator – 1 star
  • Toric – Human Infiltrator – 1 star
  • Harek – Human Infiltrator – 2 star
  • Nestus – Eluthen Infiltrator – 2 star
  • Nallow – Elithen Infiltrator – 2 star
  • Kormak – Human Infiltrator – 3 star
  • Sarkon – Human Infiltrator – 4 star
  • Nexis – Elithen Infiltrator – 4 star

Spell- Caster Titans

  • Astrid – Human Palladian – 1 star
  • Luta – Human Palladian – 1 star
  • Alina – Human Paladin – 2 star
  • Runa – Human Paladin – 2 star
  • Arnora – Human Paladin – 2 star
  • Valwen – Human Paladin – 3 star
  • Inga – Human Paladin – 3 star
  • Thran – Ragnar Paladin – 3 star
  • Okosi – Mossmane Paladin – 4 star
  • Freya – Human Paladin – 4 star
  • Thorg – Ragnar Paladin – 4 star


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