Monat: Juli 2015

Wie TigerVNC Server auf Fedora konfigurieren 22

Hallo allerseits, today we'll learn how to setup TigerVNC server in a machine running Fedora 22. TigerVNC is an open source virtual network computing software that was a fork of TightVNC. It focuses on performance and on remote display functionality. After its initial development, it was implemented as

Wie man Flash-Speicher-Cache auf Linux Server

Many times systems faced low memory issues of Linux systems running a while. The reason is that Linux uses so much memory for disk cache is because the RAM is wasted, if it isn’t used. Cache is used to keep data to use frequently by operating

How To Install SMPlayer in Ubuntu

SMPlayer is an open source video player which included all codecs once you install it. By installing it, you can play any video or audio without installing Ubuntu codec packages first. You can install SMPlayer from PPA repository. SMPlayer official website is at Sourceforge. The Commands

Wie Installieren von KDE KMPlayer in Ubuntu

KDE has an open source video player named KMPlayer (not to be confused with Pandora KMPlayer). KMPlayer is actually a GUI for MPlayer. Damit, installing KMPLayer will also install MPlayer and many KDE dependencies. KMPlayer is available in Ubuntu official repository. Here how to install it.

Blasser Mond 25.6 Schiffe mit Anti-Fingerprint-Option

Wir sprachen über eine Abnahme von Fingerabdrücken Technik Leinwand mit vor und erklärt, wie Unternehmen die Verwendung der Funktion von allen modernen Webbrowsern unterstützt machen Benutzer über das Internet zu verfolgen. Wir sagten Ihnen auch, wie Canvas Fingerabdrucks in Firefox blockieren und Chrome. Der neuesten…

Windows 10 und automatische Updates

Ich fühle, dass Windows 10 is a win-win for users regardless of the devices they’re using, and a much more positive experience than was Windows 8. But given overwhelmingly negative nature of online feedback, there is always a chance that some less-than-positive aspect of Windows 10—real

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