Dell's New 32-inch 6K Monitor Takes Aim at Apple

Dell's new 32-inch 6K pro monitor

This week Dell unveiled its latest UltraSharp 32-inch 6K monitor packed with productivity features, high-performance specs, and IPS black panel technology. In fact, one could say this monitor is aiming for Apple’s Pro Display XDR and Studio line.

Debuted at CES 2023, Dell says this is the world’s first 6K display with an IPS black panel, which offers over 41 percent deeper blacks and nearly 1.2 times better color accuracy than a regular IPS display. And while the Dell UltraSharp 32-inch 6K has a huge screen, vivid colors, and an insane resolution, the other goodies make it a pro-level monitor.

For example, the new Ultrasharp features a built-in dual-gain 4K webcam, a variety of ports, and high-quality sound, not to mention an included stand (for no extra charge) that rotates, tilts, swivels, and has built-in cable management.

In comparison, Apple’s Studio Display costs extra to get a fancy stand, and the Pro Display XDR doesn’t even have a stand. Instead, you’ll have to spend a ridiculous $999 for one.

As for other specs, the Ultrasharp 32-inch 6K has a resolution of 6,133 x 3,456 (223PPI), which is higher than the Pro Display XDR. The built-in 4K HDR webcam uses AI to improve image quality and can track users in the frame during a video call.

New Dell Ultrasharp 32-inch 6K

Dell Ultrasharp 32-inch 6K ports and connectivity

Dell Ultrasharp 32-inch 6K swivel stand

While it doesn’t have the slimmest bezels ever, that’s with good reason. Along with the 4K camera, you’ll enjoy a slew of connectivity options. Those include USB-A, Ethernet, HDMI, DisplayPort 2.1, and Thunderbolt 4 with 140W power delivery.

Then, on the front, a little pop-out tray provides greater connectivity options with two more USB-C and one USB-A, letting users easily connect devices on-the-fly and get more work done. The monitor also has an echo cancellation mic and dual 14W speakers. Pro users can even connect two PCs to the monitor simultaneously, then take advantage of picture-by-picture (PBP) and picture-in-picture (PIP) modes for improved multitasking.

And while it’s not quite as fancy as Apple’s expensive ProDisplay XDR, at least this has a tinting stand, and it’ll probably be far more affordable. Unfortunately, Dell didn’t share pricing or an exact release date, but the high-end monitor should be available in Q2 of 2023.

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