will help in deleting your Internet presence, footprint & history

By | August 5, 2020


The Internet is vast and addictive. While browsing the internet or using some applications on the web, we add our contact details to many different websites, which include the shopping websites, download websites, games websites, social networking websites and more. Remember that the internet never forgets anything, any data you enter is there forever. Even if you delete your account with those websites, our Digital Footprints remain.

Deleting your Internet presence, footprint & history will help in deleting your Internet presence, footprint & history

This is where helps you. is a free web tool which helps you deleting all your details from the internet. If you have created any account on the web using your Gmail/Outlook account, this tool will scan your email and find everything you’ve used your Gmail account for. While it is not safe to give your email access to the third party applications, we always do so.

To use Deseat you first need to log in using your Gmail account or Outlook account and the tool runs on your PC to get the results. Within a few seconds, the tool will give you a list of all accounts you have signed up for and trust me, many of them are the websites which we can’t even recall of making the accounts with.

After getting the list, you can choose to delete the account or save them. If you want to delete the account, click on the Delete Queue tab, give confirmation and you are done. Once you hit the Delete Queue button and the confirm it that particular website won’t have access to your Google account and you will need to grant the access again if you want to use that website or the application.

If you want to continue with any account, click on the Save button and it will be saved. You can then visit the website directly from Deseat.

Deseat, however, asks for your user IDand password to scan your accounts on the internet, the developers claim that your privacy is not compromised. The tool basically uses Google’s security protocol to scan your Gmail account or the Outlook account whichever selected.

Overall Deseat.Me is a nice, simple and useful web application which helps you deleting your internet presence in a very organized way. We use our Gmail or Outlook accounts to sign up with many new applications and tools, and most of them are never used again. This is the tool which gives you the entire list of your accounts on the web and lets you remove or save them in just a few clicks.

The only hitch I found with this tool was the feature of deleting or saving multiple accounts in one go. You have to delete or save the accounts one by one. I could see 187 accounts in the queue and to check each account one by one, delete or save it is actually time-consuming. I wish the developers add a feature of saving or deleting multiple accounts in one go.

Head over to Deseat.Me and see how many websites and applications have access to your Gmail and Outlook account.


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