Destiny 2 glitch makes raid groups of up to 12 possible

Destiny 2 glitch makes raid groups of up to 12 possible

Destiny 2 players have discovered a glitch which enables Guardians to play in raid groups of up to 12.

The glitch which takes very little to set up other than a bit of timing, is still available at the time of writing. In order to exceed the player limit, the six players from team two must join the first team as the launch timer for the raid reaches two seconds.

If done correctly, players in the second team will join the initial fireteam and the raid. The exploit can take a few attempts to get right, but once the two fireteams are together, players can experience Destiny 2’s end-game content in a way it was never supposed to be played.

You can see the glitch in action through YouTube user Scrub’s video, which details how to enable it.

Bungie has not yet commented on the glitch, but it’s likely a fix will arrive during Destiny 2’s weekly reset on Tuesday at 5pm (GMT).

The exploit comes just days after Bungie announced its intention to scrap the controversial Weapon Sunsetting feature it implemented in the game’s last content release, Beyond Light. The feature involved limiting a weapon’s power level, which is the game’s way of measuring how much damage a weapon can do.

The developer implemented the feature with the goal of better balancing Destiny 2’s weapon meta, forcing players to try new weapons rather than relying on the same few builds, rolls and load outs.

Bungie also announced this week that the next expansion in the Destiny 2 universe, The Witch King, will be delayed until 2020.

The studio cited the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as the reasoning behind the delay, with the team behind the first-person shooter failing to reach a level of quality the studio wants for the title.

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